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HANA, Lovely HANA, Wonderful HANA…

  • Posted 9/14/2012 by Gary Byrne

Over the past year SAP has announced myriad use cases and applications for HANA. Here is a brief summary of a few of them: HANA go-lives at Colgate and Nongfu Spring, SAP Smart Meter Analytics, SAP CO-PA Accelerator, SAP BI On Demand powered by HANA , the Recalls Plus mobile app running on SAP HANA, SAP BW on HANA, SAP BPC running on HANA, and the cloud-based EPM apps on HANA.

Is there anything else to be said about SAP HANA? Yeah, there is. Those aren’t my words;  they were used as the title of Vijay Vijayasankar’s blog in which he lists the following additional plans that SAP has outlined for HANA:

“Apart from the stand alone HANA option and BW on HANA that are both in GA, a lot of things are in the pipeline from we have heard from SAP — ECC on HANA, CRM on HANA, and every other business application from SAP on HANA, the HANA App cloud and so on. There is also a lot of activity going on about HANA start ups. We know this — but what remains as a question is what will SAP prioritize when it comes to HANA?”

At this point I expect a crowd to be singing a chorus of HANA, HANA, HANA, lovely HANA, wonderful HANA, but that wasn’t the case — at least not at the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects Users Conference. My colleague Scott Wallask blogged earlier this week about the surprisingly subdued reaction of the crowd to America’s SAP Users Group CEO Bridgette Chambers’ HANA announcements.

The crowd at this show was like the Viking’s wife in the Monty Python skit who asked for a breakfast without any spam. According to Vijayasankar, another group of users who might not be champing at the bit to adopt HANA are SAP ERP and CRM users:

“Most companies will come to a screeching halt if anything goes wrong with ECC implementations. Although to a lesser extent, so is the case with CRM. So I am curious as to how many customers will make the leap into ECC or CRM on HANA in the near future. I am sure there are a few that always will buy into it. But the vast majority of SAP customers might take a conservative stance on changing their database for a production ECC or CRM instance.”

I’m curious about what your company’s views on SAP HANA are. Is your company eager to sink its teeth into the latest HANA options, or like the Viking’s wife, are you hesitant about — or even resistant to — investing in the latest offerings on the HANA menu. Message me at or send a tweet to @GaryBWIS.

Gary Byrne

Gary is the managing editor of the Financials and GRC hubs of SAPexperts. Before joining WIS in March 2011, Gary was an editor at Elsevier. In this role he managed the development of manuscripts for Elsevier’s imprint responsible for books on computer security. Gary also has held positions as a copy editor at Aberdeen Group, a Boston-based IT market research company, and as an editor at, a publisher of content for the IT community. He also gleaned experience working as a copy editor for International Data Corp., a Framingham, MA-based IT market research company. He earned a bachelor of science degree in journalism from Suffolk University in Boston. He enjoys traveling, sailing as a passenger onboard schooners, and helping his wife, Valerie, with gardening during summer weekends. He’s a fan of all the Boston sports teams and once stood behind Robert Parish in a line at BayBank. He felt small and didn’t ask for an autograph. You can follow him on Twitter at @GaryBWIS. His online footsteps can also be found in the SAPexperts GRC group on LinkedIn.

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5/2/2013 3:30:23 PM
Ven Atkuru

I am curious if HANA can be used with PBF(Public Budget Formulations). We implemented PBF at our organization. The performance is very discouraging. If HANA will make it better it will be great. Any suggestions?

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