4 Steps Toward Seamless Automation of the Accounting Period Transaction

  • by Paul Ovigele, ERP Financials Consultant
  • October 5, 2015
Learn how to schedule the accounting period closing transaction in the background using a new program.

Traditionally, the transaction for changing accounting periods (opening and closing posting periods [transaction code OB52]) could only be changed in the foreground. This had the disadvantage of not being able to schedule the period opening in the early hours of the morning of a new period, without having to get up (or stay up) after midnight to do so. This is particularly relevant in companies that have departments (e.g., manufacturing) that begin posting transactions in the early hours of the morning. However, the accounting department (that typically controls the period opening transaction) may not be available at the time to open the new period.

Because of this restriction, companies would normally open the periods (for inventory, general ledger, and accounts payable postings, for example) on the evening before the beginning of the new period. This poses the risk of a user accidentally posting to the new period before the date has been reached.

There is a little known program that allows you to schedule this program in the background. Program RFOB5200 is described in SAP Note 1483900. This note also shows which Support Package contains the solution. In order to use this solution, you must have basic knowledge about how to use the opening and closing posting periods transaction (transaction code OB52).

Paul Ovigele

Paul Ovigele is the founder of ERPfixers, an online micro-consulting platform (http://www.erpfixers.com). He has worked as an ERP financials consultant since 1997 in both North America and Europe, specializing in implementing the FI and CO modules along with their integrated areas for companies in industries such as consumer goods, chemicals, logistics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and entertainment. Paul has delivered numerous training sessions to finance professionals at both the functional and managerial levels, and he has presented at various SAP financials conferences around the world.

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