SAP HANA Cloud Integration

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by James Wood, Founder and Principal Consultant, Bowdark Consulting March 31, 2017
SAP Professional Journal/BI/Financials/HR/SCM – 

James Wood explains what Cloud Foundry is and what its impact will be on cloud-native development and SAP Cloud Platform.

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by Paul Modderman, Senior Product Architect and Technology Evangelist, Mindset Consulting February 6, 2017
SAP Professional Journal/Financials/HR – 
Paul Modderman discusses ways to use the core services of SAP HANA Cloud Platform to quickly innovate on top of the core SAP solution. Companies often protect SAP Business Suite software with layers of change processes, carefully orchestrated upgrade outages, and project timelines measured in quarters and years. While this keeps core business processes consistent and safe, it tends to stifle rapid technical ideation and application innovation. 

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by Neha Garg, Senior Developer, SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. January 12, 2017
SAP Professional Journal/Financials/HR – 

Neha Garg explains what SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance is and what organizations can expect to gain from SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance and its newly released SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, access analysis service in comparison with SAP Access Control.

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by Birgit Starmanns, Senior Director, Solution Marketing, EPM and Finance Solutions, SAP | Neil Krefsky, Senior Director Product Marketing, SAP Cloud, SAP May 9, 2013
Financials – 

In this video you'll learn about the pros and cons of a core SAP financial management implementation — whether it's on premise or in the cloud.

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