A Step-by-Step Process for Managing Pre-Booking Errors

  • by Manuel Gallardo, SAP HR System Architect
  • August 17, 2011
Gain insight into the events that trigger an employee master data pre-booking lock. Learn two different methods for removing the lock and drill down on the pre-booking lock configuration steps.
Key Concept
The employee master data pre-booking lock was built into SAP ERP HCM to facilitate the transfer of employees across company codes in scenarios in which the employee remains in the exact same position. To allow such cross-company code transfers, SAP ERP HCM places a temporary master data lock (known as a pre-booking) on the employee master data until an organizational reassignment action is executed, bringing the data between the personnel development and the organizational assignment modules back in synch.

Sometimes in the process of maintaining employee master data, SAP ERP HCM users may encounter an error that reads “Pre-booking exists for personnel number 12345.” This error message means that the personnel number in question has a special kind of lock called a pre-booking. The user cannot make most master data changes for that employee until such pre-booking has been removed.

This error is caused by what SAP calls extended integration, which facilitates employee transfers between company codes. When you transfer a position with a holder to a new company code, the company code in the personnel development (PD) module and the company code in the personnel administration (PA) module (stored in infotype 0001) are out of synch until a new infotype 0001 (organizational assignment) is created. You need to create the new infotype 0001 manually to get the company code assignment back in synch with the PD and PA modules.

As long as the organizational reassignment action is not carried out, the corresponding personnel number is locked for all other transactions. This makes it impossible to create, change, or delete infotypes until the organizational reassignment action has been completed.

This pre-booking error is only triggered when a person is transferred between company codes while remaining in the same position. You should follow this sequential order for such cross-company code transfer:

  1. Move the position to the new company code via the organizational management module (e.g., transaction codes PPOME or PP01). This automatically triggers the pre-booking (master data lock) for the employee assigned to such position.
  2. Execute the organizational reassignment personnel action via transaction code PA40 so that the employee’s organizational assignment is updated in infotype 0001. This step removes the pre-booking for this employee.

You can avoid pre-booking errors by performing these two steps back-to-back.

Manuel Gallardo

Manuel Gallardo is the director of HCM consulting at /N SPRO. He is a former SAP platinum consultant and his area of expertise is SAP HCM enterprise architecture, SuccessFactors, and enterprise mobility. Since working on his first SAP implementation in 1994, he has also worked on a wide variety of SAP HR modules, as well as SAP NetWeaver Portal and ABAP development. Manuel is the author of Configuring and Using CATS, and is a frequent conference speaker.

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