Absence Quota Entitlement in the Engagement Cycle

  • by Dheeraj Nadamwar, Team Lead, Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd
  • August 11, 2014
Some companies have a requirement for employees to provide absence quota entitlements on specific dates or on anniversaries. This can be the employee hiring date or any other date specification stored in infotype 0041.This type of entitlement is generated with the help of custom personnel calculation rules within time evaluation, if the design is for a positive time pattern. (A positive time pattern means time evaluation with clock times, which is based on the clocked-in or clocked-out time). I use a copy of SAP standard sample schema TM00, which is used to evaluate clocked-in and clocked-out times.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article you will learn how to:

  • Write personnel calculation rules to trigger absence quota entitlement
  • Configure generation of time-off entitlement using time type (day balance)
Key Concept

Table V_T559L is the selection rule configuration table for absence quota. In this configuration table, assignment of time type is assigned in the accrual entitlement tab.

Companies may have a requirement to generate fixed absence quotas on a yearly basis based on the employee hire date or another date specification. Here I explain the steps for generating absence quotas on a yearly basis in advance. I also show how to design the personnel calculation rule (PCR) for triggering the quota generation at the start of the year and how to assign the PCR to the schema. To illustrate these concepts, I show this process in SAP standard sample schema TM00.

Before going further into more detail, readers should understand the two different types of absence quotas entitlement. They are:

  • Earned absence quota – This quota entitlement is credited to the employee in a recurring way, based on the time worked as the year progresses (e.g., a statutory quota).
  • Fixed absence quota – This quota entitlement (fixed number) is credited to the employee at the start of period in advance (e.g., a sick leave quota or compassionate leave quota).
Readers should know how to create custom PCRs and understand how to configure absence quotas to understand this article.

Dheeraj Nadamwar

Dheeraj Nadamwar is an SAP HCM consultant at Accenture, India, with over seven years of experience. He has worked with multiple manufacturing and natural resource industries across different continents, including Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, with multi-language configurations. Dheeraj’s areas of expertise are Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, and Time Management.

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