Accelerate the Acceptance of a New SAP Payroll System

  • by Deepankar Maitra, Senior Manager, Accenture
  • March 31, 2010
Learn how to complete acceptance testing for an SAP payroll system using an optimized approach that guarantees a thorough review before project acceptance. Learn to better define tasks, remove duplications, facilitate investigations of errors, and document the testing performed with a higher degree of efficiency.
Key Concept
One of the popular techniques applied for payroll validation testing is to run a parallel test. A parallel test involves the running of payroll in a new system for a period that has already been processed in the old system, with the intent of comparing the results of the two runs. This provides a level of opportunity to automate this validation process. If the results are available as electronic files, you can perform an electronic comparison of the two results. Using an appropriate tool to do this comparison makes this exercise even faster.

Managing the testing of a new SAP payroll system is a very important task, as it has a direct impact on the production of accurate paychecks for employees. It is so important that the success of a payroll implementation project depends on it. If paychecks are inaccurate, the project is always considered a failure. Therefore, executing this task successfully is usually the primary preoccupation of an SAP payroll implementation manager. The validation tasks during the last few months before rollout of a payroll are often the reason for a delay in a payroll project. No one wants to go live without an assurance that the new system can calculate employee pay accurately.

Payroll validation is difficult because of the numbers involved. Imagine an employee base of 10,000 people. Each person has an average of five lines of earnings: basic pay, overtime, shift allowance, vacation pay, and standby pay. Each person also has eight lines of deductions: federal tax, state tax, local tax, 401(k) deduction, union contribution, health plan deduction, life insurance, and accidental death and disability insurance.

Deepankar Maitra

Deepankar Maitra has more than 25 years of consulting experience specializing in SAP-based solutions for human resources, supply chain, and reporting in multi-national companies around the world. He has successfully directed large implementation projects as solution architect, delivery manager, global lead, and country lead. His expertise lies in pragmatic harmonization of data and synthesis of processes using tools that improve process execution through quantum leaps in productivity.

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