Add Custom Relationships to Your Organization and Staffing Interface

  • by Julie DeLaTorre, Senior HR Consultant, Symphony Management Consulting
  • October 15, 2007
Know your options for enhancing the SAP HR Organization and Staffing interface via transaction PPOME. Use this guided procedure to incorporate custom relationships in your entire organizational structure view.

Users often encounter relationships in a business scenario or project that are not currently provided by standard SAP systems. To meet your particular business needs, you must create custom relationships. If you create a custom object and want to show the relationship of that object to other objects, the easiest way to view those objects and relationships is via transaction PPOME (sometimes referred to as the PPOME user interface).

However, based on my experience, I’ve identified a common question that users ask: Once the custom relationship is created, how can I view it along with the rest of the organizational structure? Most users are unaware of the options available for collectively viewing custom relationships within the entire org structure. This option is especially useful when standard SAP HR only defines one relationship in the org structure and the business scenario at hand requires you to define multiple relationships.

For example, say a company wants to grant signing privileges to two employees for an org unit. Standard SAP HR only delivers one option for this scenario — the chief relationship. Now, you must have two chiefs, one subordinate to the other, but still acknowledge their respective signing privileges. To do this, the user creates a custom business manager relationship, which is similar to that of the chief relationship, but incorporates a second-in-command employee who has signing privileges. To view this relationship in the org structure, you need to add this custom relationship to the Organization and Staffing interface via transaction PPOME.

Julie DeLaTorre

Julie DeLaTorre is a senior SAP HR consultant with Symphony Management Consulting. She has worked in SAP for 12 years and focused on HR for 10 of those years. She has both her public-sector certification and HR certification. She specializes in PA, OM, PD, and Training and Event Management.

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