An Easy Way to Create Custom Services in ESS

  • by Sven Ringling, Executive Director, iProCon Human Capital Management
  • December 15, 2004
You can create new services for users in Employee Self-Service (ESS) without special skills in Flow Logic, HTML, JavaScript, or Java.
Key Concept
Employee Self-Service (ESS) is designed for non-professional users who do not access the HR system via a SAP GUI installed on their PC, but via a Web browser. SAP delivers a variety of ready-to-use ESS services. These standard services cover a broad range in the areas of master data, payroll, benefits, time management, travel management, recruitment, skill management, and appraisals. They allow the user to access his inbox for workflow and mail in the SAP office.

Many people believe that you need special expertise beyond ABAP and simple customizing to create custom services in SAP Employee Self-Service (ESS). I’m going to show you an easy way to do this based only on ABAP skills. Any ABAP developer with HR and customizing experience will be able to do the tasks described in this article. Any functional user who can customize will also be able to build a new ESS service using this article.

A functional user must stick to standard R/3 transactions for use in the new services or must ask a developer to create a new transaction in R/3 first. The sidebar, “How to Create the Transaction ZP_LOAN,” below, describes how to create the transaction used in this example. I’m using a simple example here so that I can show the entire coding.

The key for this solution is the Web GUI functionality of the Internet Transaction Server (ITS). It can translate a normal transaction into a Web-enabled user interface. You do not even have to define an Internet service. You only need a transaction with the new functionality that you want to include in your ESS. Then you follow some simple steps in Customizing.

Sven Ringling

Sven Ringling is executive director at iProCon ( and iProCon Human Capital Management ( He started working as an SAP HCM consultant in 1996 and also works in strategic HR and change management. He is one of the authors of the books Mastering HR Management with SAP and HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP.

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