An Overview of Pods in SuccessFactors Performance Management

  • by Pablo Stuardo, SuccessFactors Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young
  • July 27, 2015
Learn all about the pod feature of the SuccessFactors Performance Management module. Get details about what each does, how to enable them, permissions around them, and troubleshooting tips.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn how to:

  • Enable the SuccessFactors Performance Management v12 Acceleration upgrade in PROVISIONING to use pods
  • Enable each available pod and its full functionality
  • Manage permissions and authorization around pods (e.g., determine who gets to see what)
Key Concept

Pods in SuccessFactors Performance Management are small, square-shaped portlets that offer useful performance information to help managers navigate the performance appraisal process more efficiently and accurately. The pod feature is a new functionality that comes with the Performance Management v12 Acceleration upgrade. It is important for SuccessFactors administrators to know about this functionality as it helps solve some potential business needs in the performance management process, thereby adding more value to the system.

SuccessFactors is requiring companies who currently use SuccessFactors to upgrade to the v12 user interface by the 1508 Quarterly Release. Even though the Performance Management v12 Acceleration is not mandatory for this release, it eventually will be; therefore, it is prudent for SuccessFactors administrators to begin planning for this upgrade now.

Performance Management v12 came out a few years ago with major changes and enhancements to the v11 version; however, at the time there were gaps between the two versions. These gaps caused issues, such as breaking current processes to accommodate the new functionality and all its structural changes.

The introduction of SuccessFactors Performance Management v12 Acceleration provides the best of both worlds. It includes all the new technology and functionality of Performance Management v12 along with the majority of the functionality of v11, closing many of the existing gaps.

Pods are a helpful feature that comes with the new SuccessFactors Performance Management v12 Acceleration forms release, and helps to fill in some of these aforementioned gaps. They offer information in a graphical and user-friendly way to help managers complete performance management forms quickly and accurately. Setting them up and managing them is an easy process as well. In order to obtain the desired results, it is important to fully understand the authorizations around the Performance Management form’s General Settings.

In this article, I discuss the pods feature of SuccessFactors Performance Management. This is an important functionality for SuccessFactors administrators as it can help drive value by solving potential issues with the performance process. For example, using pods, managers who are doing reviews get the ability to see employees’ overall score while doing the review. Another key feature is the ability to show managers where employees stand as compared to their peers.

Pablo Stuardo

Pablo Stuardo is a SuccessFactors Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young. He focuses on the entire SAP SuccessFactors suite and has supported and implemented a wide variety of projects for different clients at a global level. A native Chilean, Pablo is fluent in Spanish, and graduated from Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business with a dual degree in Computer Information Systems and Finance.

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