Ask the HR Expert: How to Handle Positions After a Termination Event in PD

  • by Danielle Larocca, Senior Vice President, Human Capital Management, EPI-USE Labs
  • December 15, 2003
The author explains that when you terminate an employee in R/3, the only thing the system does is delimit (put an end date on) the A 008 (holder) relationship between the person and the position. That is why the position object still exists after the employee has been terminated. She then discusses how to distinguish between a vacant position that will be filled from one that will not, and explains how to clean out positions that will not be filled.
Dear HR Expert,
At my company, we are running SAP HR Organizational Management (OM) 4.6C. We think it is difficult to handle the control of all positions. My concern is that we have a lot of open positions that are not really open. Let me give you an example. The production department hires 30 employees as temporary staff for a period of three months. We create 30 positions. After the three months, we terminate the 30 people and do not know if they are to be rehired later. This means that we first run the termination action for each employee, and afterwards have to go to OM and delimit the 30 positions. Otherwise, they show up as open positions.

Here’s another example: An employee decides to leave the company, and it has not been determined if his position is to be filled. We run the termination action and have to go into OM and delimit the position. Is there a better way of doing this, or shall I just leave these as open positions?

Thank you,
Martin Ringive, Application Consultant

Danielle Larocca

Danielle Larocca is currently the Senior Vice President of Human Capital Management for EPI-USE Labs. Previously she was the Executive Vice President of Operations/Chief Knowledge Officer at a technology start-up. She has more than 20 years of strategic leadership experience in multi-national business, business process re-engineering, and project and people management. Danielle is an expert on SAP Human Resources (HR) and reporting and has authored four best-selling books on SAP. She is a regular speaker at numerous conferences around the world on topics such as HR, technology, change management, and leadership. She is an official SAP Mentor, a global designation assigned to less than 160 professionals worldwide, who serve as influential community participants in the SAP ecosystem. This group is nominated by the community and selected by the SAP Mentors’ Advisory Board to keep SAP relevant. Danielle also serves as an expert advisor for SAP Professional Journal.

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