Ask the HR Expert How to Prepare for mySAP HCM HR

  • by Jean Bryant, SAP HCM Project Manager
  • January 15, 2005
Understand these six key considerations and your mySAP HCM implementation will be a success.
Key Concept

Dear HR Expert,
We will be implementating mySAP HCM shortly. Can you please let me know about the following?

  1. Preparation required for implementation
  2. The process of implementation
  3. Required data updates
  4. Automation level to be acquired before actual implementation
  5. Skills required
  6. Systems synchronization involved or to be achieved

Thank you for the questions. Over the past two months my team and I started an HR and Payroll implementation — mySAP Human Capital Management (HCM). Your questions are timely as we begin these steps together.

Before I delve into your project questions, here are a few basic assumptions I’m making about your specific implementation:

  • Your executive management has endorsed the project and you have a green light from internal business process owners.
  • You have the benefits analysis/business reasons (ROI) for doing the project. This is important for project measurement and team gratification.
  • You have SAP currently operational in other areas. If not, this has an impact on the IT technical knowledge transfer requirements in relationship to infrastructure readiness and end-user workstation tools.
  • You have an HR/Payroll system in operation today that is tied to a wide range of business processes as well as key user allegiance, hence a strong reason to have a change agent as part of your implementation team.

Jean Bryant

Jean Bryant has just returned to Toronto after three years in Luxembourg. She is currently the project manager for a Toronto-based SAP client. She was one of the initial four developers who worked with SAP AG in Walldorf (September 1990 to December 1993) on North American HR. For 14 years, she has supported SAP HR clients in many capacities. She has written for professional journals on HR trends and has spoken at IHRIM and ASUG conferences.

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1/3/2014 8:48:53 PM
Somdeb Banerjee

This is a wonderful article.
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1/3/2014 8:48:43 PM
Somdeb Banerjee

This a wonderful article.
Thank you.

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