Ask the HR Expert: Use a Custom Program to Run Your Process Model on a Repeating Schedule

  • by Steve Bogner, Managing Partner, Insight Consulting Partners
  • April 15, 2005
You can create your own program if you want to automate the running of your process models.
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Dear HR Expert,

I read your article in the January 2005 issue of HR Expert regarding automating payroll postings with a process model, and I liked it very much. How do you set up a process model to run on a recurring basis (i.e., every two weeks at 9 a.m.)? That’s very easy to do in SM37 Job Maintenance, but in the Process Workbench PUST, I couldn’t find any way to release a process on a repeating basis. If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

HRIS Programmer Analyst Senior

Thanks for the question. No standard R/3 program exists to do what you ask. The way SAP has designed the HR Process Monitor (transaction PUST) requires user actions to release and execute a process. However, it shouldn’t be too hard to create your own program to do this, and then schedule it via SM37. Your custom program would have two steps. First, it would create the HR process for your regular payroll, and then it would execute that process.

I often start custom programs like this by investigating comparable R/3-standard programs. Two standard programs create and start HR processes without requiring the user to go through the HR Process Monitor. The first is program RPUOCB00, which is used for the subsequent off-cycle payroll activities. It’s the program that processes all your online off-cycle payroll activity through the off-cycle process models. The other program is OT_RUN_PROCESS_MODEL_CALL, which is used to run a process model for the R/3 Payroll outsourcing module. This second program is less complicated and serves as a better model for what you want to do because it doesn’t have a lot of extra logic for read the off-cycle transaction table T52OCG.

Steve Bogner

Steve Bogner is a managing partner at Insight Consulting Partners and has been working with SAP HR since 1993. He has consulted for various public, private, domestic, and global companies on their SAP HR/Payroll implementations; presented at the SAP user's group ASUG; and been featured on the Sky Radio Network program regarding SAP HR.

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