Avoid Data Inconsistency Between ESS and PA30 in ECC 6.0

  • by Jim McCallum, Senior Consultant – SAP
  • Shirley Kantor, Senior Consultant – SAP
  • November 15, 2008
New functionality in SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 makes it easier for Web-based applications to access HR master data, but you need to watch out for data inconsistency.
Key Concept

New configuration points have been added that control HR master data validation and data update for both Web-based applications and the standard HR master data transactions PA30 and PA40 . Additionally, a new suite of business logic programs called the decoupled infotype framework that affects data validations and database updates has been added. It interacts with the previously existing HR dialogue modules in a new and complex manner. ESS and HR Administrative Services use this new process exclusively to access and update HR data. If your company uses ESS, HR Administrative Services, or Concurrent Employment, you must understand how this new system works to avoid data based inconsistencies and mismatched validation procedures.

As of SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.0, SAP has introduced the concept of the decoupled infotype framework. “Decoupling” means removing the previously closed link between the HR infotype business logic programming and the user interface screen programming.

In previous versions of SAP ERP HCM, the data conversion and validation logic were embedded in screen dialog module pools. ECC 6.0 uses new ABAP Object classes instead of module pools to accomplish the same processes for certain applications, such as Employee Self-Service (ESS) and HR Administrative Services. In addition, transaction PA30 (HR master data maintenance) has been enhanced to use both the old and new technologies.

Some of the advantages of separating the business logic from the user interface are:

  • The ability to interchange the user interface to keep up with new developments in visual display, including new graphic elements and portal or Internet-based screens such as ABAP or Java Web Dynpros
  • The grouping of several infotypes on a single screen

Jim McCallum

Jim McCallum is a senior technical consultant with SAP America who has specialized in HR ABAP since 1995. He has given many technical presentations on HR ABAP, ABAP Controls, and ABAP Objects on the local and national levels, including the HR 2004 and HR 2005 conferences.

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Shirley Kantor

Shirley Kantor is a senior technical consultant with SAP America and has specialized in HR since 1996. Recently she has been involved in three ERP Central Component 6.0 upgrades.

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