Build Payslip Messages That Conform to Your Business Requirements

  • by Abhijit Parab, SAP HR Project Lead, Fujitsu Consulting
  • March 15, 2007
If you require more flexible communication with your employees than what infotype 0128 offers, then text modules and rules might better fit your needs. Customize this technique to meet your company’s requirements.
Key Concept

Text modules in HR Form Editor (transaction PE51) represent literal text on a payslip. Rules exert logical control over the appearance and selection of data. You can use rules to build simple IF statements for conditions without using ABAP code. The rule table is flexible enough to configure various simple business scenarios. You can pull data from tables (e.g., BNKA [bank data]; RT [result table]; infotype tables P0001, P0002 and P0041; constant table T511K; and TAXPR [tax authority]) and build IF statements.

HR departments frequently need to communicate a generic message about payroll, benefits, or an upcoming holiday to all employees. Although you can use infotype 0128 for this purpose, you have to configure text and maintain the infotype for all active employees to whom you intend to send the communication. In addition, you cannot adapt this infotype to meet specific business rules. This two-step process of preselecting and assigning employees is time consuming.

Instead, you can deliver the same results by using standard SAP functionality of text modules and rules in HR Form Editor, transaction PE51. Rules give the flexibility of printing text messages based on the logic you build to create them. For example, my client recently wanted to send payslip messages to all active employees only for the last two pay periods of the year (pay periods 25 and 26). These messages asked employees to check their mailing address and fill in a W-4 form for 2007. The payslip looks like Figure 1. You can adapt this technique to fit your own business requirements.

Abhijit Parab

Abhijit Parab is a certified SAP HR consultant. He works as a senior SAP HR consultant with Fujitsu Consulting. He has a master’s degree in human resources management and has 15 years of business experience. He has implemented and supported SAP Payroll (USA and India) and the Personnel Time Management module.

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