Combine PA and OM Data Using InfoSet Query

  • by Rishi Agarwal, IBM Global Business Services, HCM Reporting & Analytics
  • May 15, 2007
Combine PA and OM Data Using InfoSet Query
Key Concept

InfoSets are collections of infotypes based on a specific database (e.g., PNP, PCH) that makes them suitable for component-specific reporting. In SAP HR, you can use InfoSet Query to perform ad hoc reporting.

More and more companies are beginning to use InfoSet Query for day-to-day operational HR reporting. HR analysts in organizations are asked to create, execute, and format numerous reports including cross-functional reporting within HR — for example, a single report that combines Personnel Administration (PA), and Organizational Management (OM) data. Businesses might need this kind of information to report on US job attributes (e.g., Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO] category and exempt and non-exempt jobs along with employee master data).

This type of reporting on PA and OM data remains a concern for most users. By creating an InfoSet with PA and OM data and reporting on this using InfoSet Query, users can eliminate hours of manual intervention and the cost of developing custom ABAP reports. You can use InfoSet Query with all versions of R/3 and SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).

The SAP HR system includes several hundred thousand fields in logical databases and tables. As a result, it is impractical to offer all fields for selection when creating queries. To reduce the number of fields and structure them in a clear way, users create InfoSets. These InfoSets specify the fields that users can report in a query. This is why you create InfoSets prior to queries.

Rishi Agarwal

Rishi Agarwal leads the SAP HCM reporting and analytics team at IBM. He has significant international (US, Australia, and Europe) HR and BW implementation experience. Rishi’s experience includes 10 years of SAP HR experience, including five years of BW for HR experience at Global Fortune 100 companies.

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3/23/2014 11:14:29 PM
Xiaoli Tang

Hi Rishi,

I followed the instruction and met a problem here:

We can only report OM an PA data in one report, only if Job has relationship A017 with Person, but in most companies, job only has relationship with position when HR maintained in PPOME, and position has relationship with person when execute PA40, but there’s no direct link A017 between job and person, was wondering is there standard function will create this A017 record to job when a person is linked to a position and this position has linked to a job?

many thanks.

Xiaoli Tang

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