Create Microsoft Word Form Letters Using SAP ABAP Query

  • by Dawn Burns, QA Manager, Howrey LLP
  • March 15, 2005
You can use the SAP Query functionality to integrate information from an SAP R/3 system into a Microsoft Word document. That gives you the ability to create form letters without resorting to a custom report.
Key Concept
R/3 uses Desktop Office Integration controls that call an SAP document container and SAP DataProvider. This functionality is part of the R/3 core software. These standard controls, which are the communication channel between the R/3 system and the desktop office application such as Microsoft Word, use an OLE2 interface.

Companies do not want to pay for custom reports that aren’t needed, yet many are doing just that. Many are not aware that they can use SAP Query functionality with Microsoft Word instead to create simple payroll or HR form letters.

I will show how simple the integration is between R/3 and Microsoft Word with an example. Every January 1, employees who are in Union X receive a $.50 per hour increase. The company must send the employees a letter to their home addresses stating their adjusted annual income after the increase. The business needs to send this information annually, yet since fewer than 50 employees are affected, the company does not want to spend a lot of money and time creating the letters.

Certainly one option would be to create a quick ABAP custom report to pull this information. However, some might not consider this cost effective. Let’s take a look at how easy it would be to pull an SAP Query and merge this data into a Microsoft Word document. The screenprints are from R/3 Enterprise Release 4.7.

Dawn Burns

Dawn Burns is an SAP-certified human resources senior consultant and Quality Assurance Manager and HR Consultant with Howrey LLP. She is a former SAP Human Resources instructor for SAP America and has more than 12 years of experience in human resources and information technology.

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