Create Your Own Custom Feature and Eliminate Keying Errors

  • by Dawn Burns, QA Manager, Howrey LLP
  • July 15, 2005
You can create your own custom feature if you want to default values into a standard SAP field or a customer field that does not have an existing feature.
Key Concept
An SAP Human Resource feature contains rules that are primarily used for programming and specifying default values. These default values can be called by time or payroll schemas. However, most of the time a feature defaults a field value onto an infotype screen. An example of an SAP feature is the ABKRS feature. This feature is used to default a value into the infotype 0001 (organizational assignment) payroll area field.

Even though many users are familiar with what an SAP feature is, they may not be aware of the benefits of being able to create their own custom feature. If you create your own custom feature, you can default a value into a custom field or even an SAP standard field. This allows you to control what values are stored within the field and eliminates some user keying errors. I’m going to show you how features work and then explain how to create one. First, I’ll give you two examples of custom features I created to demonstrate the type of functionality you can gain.

Dawn Burns

Dawn Burns is an SAP-certified human resources senior consultant and Quality Assurance Manager and HR Consultant with Howrey LLP. She is a former SAP Human Resources instructor for SAP America and has more than 12 years of experience in human resources and information technology.

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