Deliver Dashboards Recruiters Need with the Personal Object Worklist in SAP E-Recruiting

  • by Mark Ingram, Consultant, Ingram Talent, Inc
  • Brandon Toombs, Consultant, Toombs Consulting
  • November 19, 2010
Learn how the dashboards delivered with SAP E-Recruiting provide recruiters with a snapshot of their recruiting work and enable them to perform tasks quickly. Understand how the Personal Object Worklist enables SAP E-Recruiting dashboards, and see how to configure and develop custom dashboards to meet the recruiting needs of various users.
Key Concept
The Personal Object Worklist (POWL) is a query-based worklist included with SAP NetWeaver Portal that can be used with various SAP solutions, including SAP E-Recruiting and SAP Learning Solution. POWL provides an overview of line items, such as requisitions and applications, related to a user’s work area as well as functions that allow the user to perform defined actions on the items or customize the view. SAP E-Recruiting uses POWL to generate dashboards for recruiters that can be personalized, configured, and extended.

Recruiters need relevant, timely, actionable information about their daily work, and information dashboards are an essential tool for meeting this need. Up until now, SAP E-Recruiting provided dashboards via a Business Server Page (BSP)-based user interface. The type of information available in these dashboards was quite limited, however. More importantly, the BSP-based dashboards had minimal configuration capabilities, could not be personalized by the user, and were not extensible.

With SAP enhancement package 4, Support Pack 4, SAP E-Recruiting dashboards are part of the work center delivered with SAP NetWeaver Portal. Using the Personal Object Worklist (POWL) included with SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP E-Recruiting provides flexible, customizable dashboards that can be personalized for a variety of users, as well as the ability to easily develop custom dashboards to meet specific needs. Only some simple back-end ABAP coding is required to describe how the custom dashboard should work. The rendering is handled by the delivered POWL application, which is based on Web Dynpro for ABAP.

While, in our opinion, POWL is one of the most exciting and useful user interface frameworks that SAP has delivered, documentation on its configuration and development is limited, particularly in the area of SAP E-Recruiting. We aim to fill that gap by showing HR IT professionals how to personalize, configure, and extend SAP E-Recruiting dashboards for users using the POWL framework. We will explain:

  • What dashboards are, and what users can do with them
  • How to configure predelivered dashboards for users
  • How to extend SAP standard-delivered dashboards with custom code to support custom information and behavior

Recruiters will also benefit from this article by learning what personalization options are available to them. Although the provided examples and screenprints are specific to SAP E-Recruiting (Enhancement Package 4, Support Pack 4), much of the information in this article can be applied to other solutions that use the same POWL framework, such as the operational reporting functionality available with SAP enhancement package 4 and SAP Learning Solution.

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram is a recruiting technology consultant and entrepreneur with a focus on SAP systems. Mark was the product manager at SAP for E-Recruiting before consulting. You may follow him on Twitter @ingramtalent, or read his blog at

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Brandon Toombs

Brandon Toombs is a long-time SAP ERP HCM consultant, specializing in ESS, MSS, ECM, E-Recruiting and Performance Management. You may follow him on Twitter @brandontoombs.

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