Demystify SCORM and the Participation Document in LSO

  • by Danielle Morrison, Senior Consultant, Innovapost
  • December 15, 2007
SAP Learning Solution (LSO) builds on the SAP ERP Training Management module and SAP ERP HCM implementation to offer additional learning management system functionality, such as new delivery methods, online learning, curriculum management, content design, and version management. Learn how LSO can store SCORM 1.2 elements as well as how to report on them. Also learn how the SAP ERP system stores learner results using a participation document number.
Key Concept

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a standard for exchanging content with different learning management systems (LMS) and communication between content and an LMS. SCORM-compliant content can be courses or tests that are authored outside of the SAP Authoring Environment (LSO-AE), which is a locally installed application in SAP Learning Solution (LSO). These courses or tests are authored with software such as Dreamweaver, Authorware, Flash, and many more SCORM-capable authoring tools. Using SCORM elements, an author can create, for example, tests in a course where a mark of pass or fail needs to be recorded. When the content is ready for delivery, it is then converted and imported into the SAP LSO-AE for final check-in into a content management system (CMS) and published into the R/3 4.7 or SAP ERP back-end environment.

Companies that use SAP Learning Solution (LSO), and especially the Test Author that is part of the SAP Authoring Environment (LSO-AE), may find that the user test user interface (UI) does not meet their requirements. For example, only five types of questions offered affect their use of the functionality. Many opt to use third-party testing tools with a more comprehensive UI or a larger selection of question types, including drag-and-drop questions and answers or hot spots questions.

By using the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-authored tests, users may resolve these problems, but what about the training administrator? No SAP standard reports tell you how the learners performed. For more information on reports, see the sidebar, “SAP Standard Testing Reports.”

Based on my experience, I’ll show you how to retrieve this information, by finding where the system stores the test scores, and then how to link the test score to the learner. This article applies to LSO 2.00, LSO 3.00, and LSO 6.00, which is part of R/3 4.7, mySAP ERP 2004, and SAP ERP 6.0. To learn about the future of LSO, refer to the sidebar, “Outlook for LSO 6.00 Enhancement Pack 2.0.”

Danielle Morrison

Danielle Morrison is senior consultant with Innovapost in Ottawa, Canada with six and a half years of SAP HCM experience while employed with SAP Canada and Innovapost. Specializing in SAP Learning Solution (LSO), she has engaged in several international LSO projects in Canada, the US, Germany, and Australia. Danielle was a ramp-up multiplier for LSO, has instructed LSO classes to customers and consultants, presented workshops, and helped draft several functional specifications for product enhancements as well as testing them for SAP development groups in Germany.

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