Effectively Manage the Talent Life Cycle with SAP ERP HCM: Part 2

  • by Janet McClurg, SAP HCM Platinum Consultant, SAP
  • December 15, 2008
Learn about the design of jobs in SAP ERP HCM and the importance of considering your qualifications needs in this design process. Find out more about the use of job and employee profiles in SAP and how they function within the talent management life cycle.
Key Concept

By relating qualifications to jobs, positions, and persons, you can drive individual skill and career development, perform profile matching, and enhance company-wide monitoring of the existing talent base.

One of the key talent management challenges in today's business environment is the dynamic nature of competency and skill requirements within an organization. New and growing business opportunities, changing workforce demographics, and the increasing pace of change requirements all contribute to the urgency related to developing, maintaining, and deploying employee skills appropriately.

A critical step in driving talent management processes and achieving these goals with SAP ERP HCM is the assignment of qualifications and the design of jobs. Effective job design and qualification assignments can streamline employee skills management and your organizational requirements. The proper design of qualifications provides your company with the foundation for leveraging additional SAP talent management functions within your organization.

In this article, part 2 of a series on how to best manage the talent life cycle, I describe some of the key design considerations for creating jobs within your SAP ERP HCM system and how the assignment of qualifications to jobs can further enhance your company's talent management processes via the use of SAP self-service profiles. In particular, I look at the employee skills profile and the profile match-up functions in SAP applications for employee self-services (ESS) and SAP functionality for manager self-services (MSS).

Janet McClurg

Janet McClurg is an SAP Platinum consultant specializing in the Human Capital Management application. She has worked for SAP for 12 years, the last eight in the platinum consultant role. Janet’s areas of specialization include Enterprise Compensation Management, Performance Management, Organizational Management, Personnel Administration and Succession/Career Planning.

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