Effectively Manage the Talent Life Cycle with SAP HCM

  • by Janet McClurg, SAP HCM Platinum Consultant, SAP
  • August 15, 2008
See how to support these key talent management processes using SAP HCM: recruitment, development, training, rewarding, and retaining.
Key Concept

The talent is every employee in an organization: the people who invent, create, design, manufacture, service, support, and otherwise perform tasks required to meet company goals and drive success in the market in which they exist. Talent management is generally defined as the tasks and processes required to leverage individual employee capabilities with a company’s organizational needs in order to drive growth, productivity, and innovation.

The stars of a Hollywood blockbuster or a smash hit on Broadway are referred to as “the talent.” The talent is what any particular work effort requires to ensure a successful outcome, whether that effort is releasing the next movie hit or manufacturing a faster microprocessor.

If an organization wants to become or remain a leader in its market, the talent should be the primary consideration driving the business’ success. Organizational management and industry experts generally agree on these key characteristics of talent management:

  • Attract and hire: Plan talent needs, then attract and acquire the best talent

  • Align and develop: Enable talent mobility across the organization, match employee skills and potential to individual and organizational goals, and identify competencies crucial to success

  • Motivate and retain: Align employee behavior to organizational goals, encourage and enable behavior that aligns and supports organizational goals, retain the highest performers, and reward based on accomplishment

  • Educate: Develop employees by targeting their capabilities and knowledge

All of these talent management processes are supported and integrated within SAP ERP HCM. Talent management in an SAP system incorporates the deployment and development of people throughout the entire employment life cycle — from recruitment through development, training, rewarding, and retaining.

Janet McClurg

Janet McClurg is an SAP Platinum consultant specializing in the Human Capital Management application. She has worked for SAP for 12 years, the last eight in the platinum consultant role. Janet’s areas of specialization include Enterprise Compensation Management, Performance Management, Organizational Management, Personnel Administration and Succession/Career Planning.

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