Generate Time Wage Types Using the Fields in Table T559P and the Function LIMIT

  • by Venkat Dasika, SAP HR Payroll/Time Consultant
  • July 2, 2012
Learn how to use the limits for balances table T559P to pay guaranteed hours and to apply a cap for certain attendance codes.
Key Concept

Table T559P allows users to set the limits on certain attendance codes. The function LIMIT in the time schema plays a key role in checking the conditions set in the table to adjust the time wage types accordingly.

In some organizations, certain employees are guaranteed a specific number of hours for a day or for a week. That means that employees are paid for the guaranteed hours even if they don’t work the entire number of planned hours that they are assigned. This can be achieved in the SAP payroll system by configuring table V_T559P (limits for time balances). You can also use table V_T559P to apply a cap on any excess hours entered other than the allowed hours with a particular attendance code (for example, training hours).


In this article, I use two examples of working hours and work schedules to show how you can configure table V_T559P (Figure 1). Before I get into detail with my two scenarios, the first step in both examples is to set up the time balance rule group.

Figure 1
Table T559P

Venkat Dasika

Venkat Dasika is a certified senior SAP HR consultant. He has been consulting in the SAP HR Time/Payroll modules for more than nine years in private- and public-sector implementations.

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