How to Build Tiles for Use in SuccessFactors Dashboards 2.0 Reports Dashboards

  • by Pablo Stuardo, SuccessFactors Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young
  • November 17, 2016
Learn the step-by-step process for creating tiles for dashboard reports within the SuccessFactors Dashboards 2.0 Reports functionality.
Learning Objectives

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • Create standard and custom tiles to be used in tile-based dashboards
Key Concept
The SuccessFactors Dashboards 2.0 Reports functionality is a high-visibility tool for presenting data graphically. With its new features, you can now see data from the different SuccessFactors modules—not just performance and goals data—in different types of graphs and charts.

Dashboards 2.0 Reports functionality is a feature in the SuccessFactors suite that allows users to report data in charts. As an administrator, once you understand the new features of Dashboards 2.0 Reports, you can then create tiles and tile-based dashboards from scratch. In this article, the second in my three-part series of articles about SuccessFactors Dashboards 2.0 Reports, I cover the details users need to know so that they can create SuccessFactors Dashboards 2.0 Reports and share them with key people in their organizations.

SuccessFactors Dashboards 2.0 Reports is a high-visibility tool that is used not only by SuccessFactors administrators but also by executives and other general users. With Dashboards 2.0 Reports, you can complete tasks such as leveraging data from different SuccessFactors modules, putting dashboards into users’ homepages, and making dashboards that are mobile enabled.

To enable Dashboards 2.0 Reports, if they are not already enabled, contact your SuccessFactors representative, customer support, or your SuccessFactors partner.

How to Build Tiles for Tile-Based Dashboards in Dashboards 2.0 Reports

In this section I cover the details for how to build dashboard tiles to use in Dashboards 2.0 Reports dashboards. First, I explain the role-based permissions and authorizations required for building dashboards. Second, I explain, step-by-step, how to build the tiles that make up a dashboard in Dashboard 2.0 Reports. In the third, and final, article in this series, I show you how to use these tiles to create a dashboard and how to share the new dashboard with other key players in your organization.

Pablo Stuardo

Pablo Stuardo is a SuccessFactors Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young. He focuses on the entire SAP SuccessFactors suite and has supported and implemented a wide variety of projects for different clients at a global level. A native Chilean, Pablo is fluent in Spanish, and graduated from Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business with a dual degree in Computer Information Systems and Finance.

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