How to Change or Correct Employee Dates of Hire

  • by Vamsi Mohan, SAP HR Consultant, Accenture
  • November 11, 2011
Learn about the tools available to rectify incorrect employee hiring and leaving dates in the SAP ERP HCM system.
Key Concept
Changing an employee hire date in SAP ERP HCM is not an independent activity — changing this date also affects the payroll system. SAP provides tools, such as transaction code PA41, to correct the employee date of hire. You can use these same tools to correct or modify the employee leaving date. The employee date of hire is an important piece of data captured in the SAP ERP HCM system. This information is used for many purposes, including calculating vacation entitlement, seniority, some country-specific processes, and retirement benefits.
A hiring action or joining action may not be the terms used by every company. They can be used interchangeably with the first record available in the action infotype (0000) for the employee.

Normally the date of hire is recorded in the SAP ERP HCM system as the start date of the hiring action in infotype 0000. However, you cannot always rely on the start date of the first action to retrieve the employee date of hire. For example, this date would not be accurate in the case of a company that started in 1975, but that did not implement its SAP system until 2010. In this example, the company decides that the data in its SAP system will be current from 2010 on, but what happens to employee data for those employees who were hired before the go-live date of January 1, 2010?

In this scenario, you cannot use the start date of the first record in infotype 0000 (actions) because infotype 0000 is being used to capture the go-live date, not the date of hire. Therefore, in this case, the employee date of hire is recorded in infotype 0041 (date specifications). Note that you can use infotype 0041 for other calculations (e.g., recording seniority and vacation entitlement, some time management calculations).

In addition, since data entry is a manual process, there can be many instances of incorrect hiring dates being uploaded into the system. In some scenarios, the employee data is keyed in before the employee actually joins the organization (i.e., the PERNR — the personnel number for an employee — is created prior to the scheduled date of joining), but, for some reason, the employee postpones a joining date. This results in an incorrect hiring date in the system.

Vamsi Mohan

Vamsi Mohan works as an SAP ERP HCM consultant. He has been working in SAP ERP HCM for the past seven years in various assignments. Vamsi has rich experience in time management, payroll, LSO, ESS, and has been part of many implementations. Prior to joining Accenture, he was associated with TCS, IBM, and Dell. Vamsi has a master’s degree in business administration.

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