How to Reset Infotype 0003 and Address Complex Retroactive Payroll Accounting Requirements

  • by Raghavendran Parthasarathy, Principal Consultant, Hexaware Technologies
  • April 29, 2011
Learn how to change infotype 0003 (payroll status) for different retroactive accounting payroll requirements and mass changes with multiple employees. See how to minimize the complexities arising out of master data changes and effective retroactive changes in payroll processing.
Key Concept
The standard SAP program RPUTRBK can resolve complex payroll retroactive accounting issues.

Problems can occur when users trigger payroll retroactive accounting when it is not required. That can lead to incorrect payroll calculations. I explain in detail the retroactive trigger dates for those who want to set the initial payroll run in the SAP ERP HCM system and how to do this in one stroke for thousands of employees.

When the system is configured to allow retroactivity and the user changes some of the infotype fields, such as payroll administrator or personnel administrator or something in infotype 0001 (organizational assignment) or infotype 0002 (personal data), the system triggers retroactive accounting, although this is not required. If this happens, the user has to reset the field (Earliest MD change date) in infotype 0003. By doing this, the user can avoid retroactive calculations and run the accurate payroll for an employee.

In the case of a single employee or multiple employees up to 20, the user can easily reset infotype 0003 by using transaction code PU03. However, if this change is required for 20 or more employees, then the user must reset infotype 0003 for each employee manually. Using examples I show the user how to make this change for multiple employees in one simple stroke. This simple solution saves time and energy for payroll managers and administrators and helps cut development costs by alleviating the need to come up with new programs to update infotype 0003 using technical roots.

Raghavendran Parthasarathy

Raghavendran Parthasarathy works for Hexaware Technologies as a Principal Consultant,where he manages SAP solution design for customers across the globe. He has worked in SAP ERP HCM for over 14 years in various capacities, including payroll projects in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. In addition to payroll, Raghavendran has experience in negative time management, personnel administration, and recruitment. He has also been a part of portal implementations. Currently, he is involved with cloud-based HCM applications such as SAP SuccessFactors and Workday.

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