How to Store Address Details for Personnel Subareas

  • by Owen McGivney, Senior Consultant, iProCon Ltd.
  • December 11, 2013
Storing an employee’s work location and address is a critical task. In many countries the standard SAP enterprise structure design allows you to store address details only at the level of personnel area, but not at the personnel subarea level. For many organizations this is at too high a level, as personnel subareas correspond to physical locations. See a demonstration of a method that uses standard SAP ERP HCM functionality to store work address details at the personnel subarea level without resorting to custom-built or Z tables. A small amount of custom development is required to read these into address infotype records, and sample code is given.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article you will learn how to:

  • Store work addresses according to personnel subarea with supporting configuration, coding, and implementation considerations.
  • Adapt plant storage locations (normally used in the logistics, materials management, and sales and distribution modules of SAP SCM) for HCM purposes.
Key Concept

In the SAP ERP HCM system, personnel subareas represent groupings of employees who share HR characteristics or terms and conditions such as pay scales or work schedules.

For the purposes of this article, I assume that preliminary basic Personnel Administration (PA) configuration has already been done in the system. In particular:
  • That personnel areas and subareas have been configured.
  • That basic PA actions for hiring, organization reassignment, and so on have been configured.
  • That a PA user exit is already implemented, or that you have sufficient knowledge to implement this, or you have an ABAP resource who can implement this for you.

The SAP ERP HCM enterprise structure is a hierarchical legal and business- oriented representation of the company or organization. A company code is sub-divided into a number of subordinate personnel areas which are, in turn, sub-divided into a number of personnel subareas. Personnel subareas are often configured to correspond to specific work locations (for example, regional offices), and therefore require a specific address. However, in standard SAP customizing in many countries (e.g., in the UK and Ireland) the address details configuration tables are only available at the personnel area level, which is usually one level too high. Figure 1 shows an example of this kind of typical enterprise structure.

Figure 1
An example of a typical HR enterprise structure where personnel subareas correspond to physical locations

Owen McGivney

Owen McGivney is a senior consultant at iProCon Ltd., part of the iProCon group, based in London, England. He has worked on implementing SAP HR and payroll systems since 1998. Owen has delivered UK, Irish, and multi-national payroll solutions for a wide range of private- and public-sector clients. He has a special interest in combining ABAP programming with configuration to create innovative and effective solutions.

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