Improve Your Data-Entry Efficiency and Accuracy with Defaults

  • by A.J. Whalen, SAP Marketing Director, Velocity Technology Solutions
  • August 15, 2004
The integrity of your master data is vital to your business. Manual data entry is often the source of errors in master data. To minimize incorrect information in your system, you can use standard functionality to default commonly used master data values and processes.
Key Concept
The 4.6C system has more than 4,000 user parameters. User parameters consist of a parameter ID and a corresponding parameter value that drive specific activity when associated with an R/3 user ID. Some user parameters default a value into a specific field, such as the payroll area field on infotype 0001. Other parameters define how system functionality appears for that particular user, such as defaulting which user interface appears for organizational management maintenance or which country version is used for screen control.

An adage applies to computer programs of all kinds — “garbage in, garbage out.” In other words, the quality and reliability of your output is only as good as your input. SAP master data and output processes are no exception. Whether you are processing your company’s payroll or managing its inventory in R/3, the importance of data accuracy cannot be overstated. This is why, as a keeper of data, you must find ways to reduce data-entry errors without sacrificing speed and timeliness.

Numerous methods from improved user training to business process redesign and the use of self-service applications increase data accuracy in R/3. One way to quickly and easily improve data entry is the use of defaults for more frequently keyed fields and processes. I will highlight three ways for users to default data in R/3 HR applications: user-specific PD defaults, set/get parameters, and the hold data function.

A.J. Whalen

A.J. Whalen has successfully combined more than two decades of global business expertise with in-depth experience in the strategic development, management, and delivery of large-scale projects and education for SAP ERP HCM. Prior to his current role as SAP Marketing Director at Velocity Technology Solutions, he served as lead consultant for several global SAP implementations and engagements as well as an SAP Conference Producer for Wellesley Information Services. A.J. has been invited to speak at nine annual SAP educational events and holds an MBA degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

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