Learn How to Configure a Second Saturday as a Day Off

  • by Vamsi Mohan, SAP HR Consultant, Accenture
  • December 21, 2011
Using the SAP-provided user exit EXIT_SAPLPTWS_001, you can modify generated work schedules to configure the second Saturday of the month as a day off, which otherwise is not possible through configuration.
Key Concept
SAP-provided user exit EXIT_SAPLPTWS_001 provides a window in which the outcomes of configuration in the generated work schedules are made available for any modifications before they are finally saved. When you have a requirement to use a combination of work times and holidays or days off that you cannot achieve through configuration, you can use user exits as a flexible option to modify generated work schedules.

Daily work schedule variants are very useful when there is a deviation in the normal working times, but only when these variations are based on the holiday class or the day of the week. If you need to change work hours for any other reason, then you cannot use these work schedule variations.

See my article, “Using Daily Work Schedule Variants and Selection Rules to Manage Complex Employee Work Hours,” for more information about daily work schedule variants.

A good example of this scenario is a business that is open six days a week, but every second Saturday of the month is a day off. You have two options available to configure this using period work schedules. Your third option is to use an SAP-provided enhancement, which I discuss in this article.

One option is to create a period work schedule for 52 weeks. In this schedule you can mark all the second Saturdays of the months as a day off. However, this would be very difficult to maintain and is not a practical solution.

The other option is to define a period work schedule for four weeks. In this schedule, you define the Saturday of the second week as a day off. However, this is not a good solution because, for the first few cycles, the second Saturday would be a day off, but, for the subsequent cycles, there could be differences, as the second cycle begins where the first cycle ends (Figure 1).

Figure 1
The period work schedule with various cycles and the position of Saturdays

Vamsi Mohan

Vamsi Mohan works as an SAP ERP HCM consultant. He has been working in SAP ERP HCM for the past seven years in various assignments. Vamsi has rich experience in time management, payroll, LSO, ESS, and has been part of many implementations. Prior to joining Accenture, he was associated with TCS, IBM, and Dell. Vamsi has a master’s degree in business administration.

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