Learn How to Set the Daily Work Schedule Variants for Absence to be Automatic

  • by Yener Turkeli, SAP HR/Payroll Consultant
  • April 3, 2014
Learn how to configure the daily work schedule variant for the absence and attendance in SAP Time Management. Depending on the absence or attendance type, a special day, or different time parameters, an employee’s daily work schedule can be changed automatically without putting substitution records into infotype 2003.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article you will:

  • Gain an understanding of work schedule elements
  • Learn how to configure your SAP system to use daily work schedule variant for absence type
  • Learn how to automatically change work schedule by absence type
Key Concept

The daily work schedule absence functionality in SAP ERP HCM Time Management is a handy way to make the process for eliminating manual substitution records automatic. With this functionality, the system is able to easily adjust daily work schedules according to absence type and different time parameters.

Most SAP ERP HCM users would like the option to create flexible work schedules without putting substitution records into an employee’s infotype 2003. It is possible to generate an automatic daily work schedule according to absence type using a daily work schedule variant for absence or attendance configuration. I show, with step-by-step instructions, how to make work schedules flexible based on attendance and different time parameters.

Readers of this article need to have an understanding of the basic concepts of SAP ERP HCM attendance, absence, and daily and periodic work schedules, and also of the time evaluation configuration setting in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.0.

Under standard work schedule configuration, absentee hours can be recorded either as equal to or less than standard daily work schedule hours. Absence hours cannot be recorded as more than the standard daily work hours. In other words, if an employee has an eight-hour daily work schedule, he or she cannot be absent for 10 hours (or any amount over eight). It is also possible to override the daily work schedule by adding the substitution records into infotype 2003 manually, but this method is beyond the scope of this article. The SAP ERP HCM system provides a flexible and strong option that you can configure to resolve these scenarios by using a daily work schedule variant for the attendance and absence in SAP Time Management.

Yener Turkeli

Yener Turkeli has over eight years of experience working as an SAP consultant on SAP ERP HCM, Payroll, Time Management, and ABAP. He has completed several implementation projects including SAP Payroll, Time, upgrades, HR configuration, HR schema, PCR, and crucial integration. Yener has a broad consulting experience across a wide range of different fields, including the retail, cement, wholesale, textile, medicine, electronics, banking, food, software, mining, education, and telecommunication industries.

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