Learn Two Methods for Providing Flexible Organizational Unit F4 Help to Users

  • by Rehan Zaidi, Senior SAP Technical Consultant
  • October 2, 2012
SAP ERP HCM users demand a flexible and fully navigational organizational unit input help in their reports. Learn about some flexible help methods that have a variety of advantages over the simple basic organizational unit F4 help. See how to incorporate them in SAP ERP HCM reports.
Key Concept

SAP ERP HCM provides a number of useful macros. Two examples are macros RHX-F4-OBJID-LOW and RHX-F4-OBJID-HIGH. If appropriate values are passed for parameters along with prior coding, they can be used to create a flexible input help for organization unit in reports. In addition, function module RHP0_POPUP_F4_SEARK, used in programs with appropriate values supplied for importing parameters, gives a similar effect.

When creating SAP ERP HCM reports, there may be a requirement for providing the organizational unit as an input field. The basic F4 help for an organizational unit has a number of limitations; for example, it does not allow multiple selections or sub-tree (an organizational unit and its component organizational units) selection. Users usually prefer to have a fully navigational organization hierarchy to use when inputting the information for their reports. Moreover, they like to select an entire set of organizational units as well as an entire sub-tree from the organizational hierarchy.

I provide an explanation of the available two methods for providing such a flexible input help for the organizational unit using macros and a standard function module. First, I cover the limitations of the basic F4 help for the organizational unit field. Then I discuss how the user-friendly help works and its advantages over other methods. I dive into the details of the two approaches and the relevant coding involved, as well as giving detailed step-by-step instructions of the two methods.

In addition to SAP ERP HCM functional and technical experts, the article is also intended for SAP ERP HCM users who wish to make their reports more user-friendly and who may not be aware of the options offered by F4 help. Once they learn more about this functionality, they can use the knowledge gained get the most from their SAP ERP HCM systems.

Rehan Zaidi

Rehan Zaidi is a consultant for several international SAP clients (both on-site and remotely) on a wide range of SAP technical and functional requirements, and also provides writing and documentation services for their SAP- and ABAP-related products. He started working with SAP in 1999 and writing about his experiences in 2001. Rehan has written several articles for both SAP Professional Journal and HR Expert, and also has a number of popular SAP- and ABAP-related books to his credit.

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