Load and Maintain Your SAP System’s Bank Table for Free

  • by Clay Molinari, SAP HR Consultant, C&C Savant, Inc.
  • August 15, 2006
You need to maintain bank routing number information in your system for all employees whose pay is directly deposited into their accounts. Many companies pay for this information, but here’s how you can use a free current bank routing number directory to update your SAP system.
Key Concept
Infotype 0009 records the direct deposit elections and also can contain an employee’s election to receive a live check. This infotype contains the bank routing number and account number of the employee’s account. Your SAP system validates bank routing numbers using the internal table BNKA. SAP Support Packages do not update this table, so you need to update the system yourself.

SAP systems (both R/3 and mySAP ERP) use lookup tables for most fields that should contain specific values. For example, table BNKA contains the list of valid banks. The HR, Financial Accounting (FI), and Treasury modules share table BNKA. All screens that accept a bank routing number (also known as an American Banker’s Association [ABA] number), such as those for selecting direct deposit, use this table to ensure accurate data entry. To learn more about ABA numbers, refer to the sidebar “What Are Bank Routing Numbers?”

You can use transaction FI01 to create new entries in table BNKA (Figure 1). Transaction FI02 allows you to change or delete bank information. You can use these two transactions to manually manage your list of valid banks.

However, this task can be overwhelming if your company deals with a large number of banks. I’ll show you an easier way to update your bank data. You can buy ABA routing number information from Accuity. If you order the SAP- formatted file from Accuity, you can import the data without making any programming changes. However, you also can download similar information for free from the Federal Reserve Financial Services (FRFS). I’ll explain how to format it to use in your SAP system.

Clay Molinari

Clay Molinari has 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been working as an SAP HR consultant since 1997. He is currently president of C&C Savant, Inc., an SAP consulting firm that specializes in combining standard SAP configuration and custom ABAP programming to help its clients solve unique or complicated requirements.

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