Manage Multiple Employment Scenarios with Concurrent Employment

  • by Greg Newman, HCM Consultant, Newhit Ltd.
  • November 15, 2008
Learn how the Concurrent Employment component can help streamline and optimize the management of employees who hold multiple positions in your company.
Key Concept

Concurrent Employment is an SAP HCM component that handles a scenario in which an employee works in two or more positions within one organization. Flexible working requirements have led to many scenarios in which employees can work for a company in two completely unrelated positions on two separate contracts at the same time.

An ever-changing workforce leads to an ever-changing set of demands to manage working relationships effectively. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the growing requirement for companies to manage multiple employment situations. That is exactly what Concurrent Employment is designed to do.

Concurrent Employment (also known as multiple employment) has been around since SAP R/3 Release 4.6. The functionality described in this document refers to the solution provided in the current release of SAP HCM (SAP ERP 6.0). However, bear in mind that SAP is still developing and enhancing Concurrent Employment. It is not available for all countries. Users should read SAP Note 540451 (“Main switch activation for Concurrent Employment”) for details on how to turn on Concurrent Employment and to find which countries have this solution available.

Concurrent Employment in Practice

Having an employee working in two positions in your company can initially sound very appealing, but in reality it is far from simple. Take the hypothetical example of Pat Connell, a part-time receptionist at a company. Pat has worked for 18 years as a receptionist from Monday to Wednesday and stayed at home two days a week to raise her children.

Greg Newman

Greg Newman is originally from New Zealand, and has been implementing and supporting HR and Payroll systems since 1999. He has worked on numerous SAP HR and Payroll implementations for Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and several other international rollouts. Currently Greg is a managing consultant working for Newhit HR and Payroll Solutions in England.

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