Managing Compliance Processes with SAP Enterprise Learning and SAP Learning Solution

  • by Thomas Jenewein, SAP Education
  • Simone Buchwald, Global Solution Principal for Learning and Talent Management, EPI-USE
  • September 28, 2012
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Learn how SAP Enterprise Learning and SAP Learning Solution support compliance-related processes such as identifying training needs, recording training, and tracking competencies, expirations, and updates.
Key Concept

Learning management, the management of learning processes and activities, has diverse application scenarios. In some companies, for example, learning management is used to keep employees compliant with certain regulatory or legal requirements. Companies need a structured approach and, more importantly, need to track the learning activities of their employees so that they can pass government agency audits and resolve any compliance issues that may come up, which can be costly if not dealt with in a timely manner.

In certain industries the learning department is also asked to ensure that the workforce is knowledgeable enough to be compliant with regulatory or legal requirements. Target groups can be the internal workforce or learners in the extended enterprise, such as contractors. We discuss compliance training using SAP Enterprise Learning and SAP Learning Solution and we also explore some lessons learned and tips for learning practitioners.

SAP Enterprise Learning expands SAP Learning Solution functionality by offering out-of-the-box integration with Adobe Connect Professional software. This provides interactive, online, virtual learning sessions that improve productivity and quality of training, while reducing training costs related to traditional classrooms.

How to Manage Compliance with a Learning Management System (LMS)

The key objectives of a learning compliance project that uses an LMS (in this example, SAP Learning Solution), are:

  1. To provide a single source of truth (one central qualification database) that:
  • Defines and document updates of qualification only (e.g., by registering course completions and ensuring online tests are evaluated by an assessor).
  • Tracks updated versions of training materials in classrooms and online courses.
  • Makes every manager and every employee responsible for compliance, not just one compliance officer.
  1. To provide visibility into compliance training gaps and forecast upcoming gaps for managers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Thomas Jenewein

Thomas Jenewein is in charge of business development and solution management at SAP Education. Before this role, he led an SAP internal learning and development team responsible for strategic learning programs and new media. He studied organizational psychology in Mannheim, Germany, and San Diego, California, and is passionate about learning management, new media, knowledge management, and people development. You may contact Thomas via LinkedIn or via his Twitter Account.

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Simone Buchwald

Simone Buchwald is the global Solution Principal for Learning and Talent Management at EPI-USE, consulting with global clients in SAP ERP HCM Talent Management and beyond. Before Simone joined EPI-USE, she was with SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany, for more than 12 years in HCM (Human Capital Management). Her main role during this time was driving the product development for SAP Learning Solution and SAP Enterprise Learning as a product manager. Simone has a degree in Business Administration and a background in IT. She is enthusiastic about learning and the latest technological trends.

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