Nifty User Options to Customize Your Screen

  • by Isaac Berkovits, Consultant, Presence of IT
  • November 15, 2007
Explore several options to customize screen layouts that meet your business needs. Save time navigating and populating frequently used transactions in your SAP system.
Key Concept

The customizing of local layout icon is a standard icon that appears at the top of every SAP screen in R/3 4.6C and SAP ERP Central Component. Several user settings reside in this icon to customize screen layouts and turn on and off various functionalities for different business scenarios.

If you regularly navigate, enter, and display data on your SAP system, you can benefit from helpful user options in the customizing of local layout icon. Extensive settings are available for you to customize screen layouts, such as turning on and off various pop-up messages, data keys, history of entries, and cut-and-paste functionalities. This icon allows you to adjust your user settings to meet your functional needs.

I’ll describe many options in detail and provide a common business scenario that benefits from a particular setting. Most users are unaware of these settings and how they relate to everyday SAP HR activities. I’ll show you how to simplify your daily operations with several timesavers and handy tricks. This article applies to all SAP releases from R/3 4.6C through SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).

Options Tab

To access the Options tab, click on the customizing of local layout icon and select Options from the drop-down menu (Figure 1). The main Options screen appears, containing tabs such as Options, Cursor, and Local Data. You can access the quick info and message settings in the Options tab.

Isaac Berkovits

Isaac Berkovits is an SAP consultant with Presence of IT. He has been configuring SAP for more than seven years. Isaac has worked on implementations and support in telecommunications, materials, health, government, financial, and manufacturing industries, located primarily in Australia and New Zealand and also across Asia Pacific.

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