Part 2: Efficiently Handle Mergers and Acquisitions in SAP HR

  • by Satish Badgi, HCM Consultant
  • July 15, 2006
Review the importance of testing, reusability, change management, and problem resolution for SAP HR merger and acquisition projects.
Key Concept

Despite a project team’s best efforts to plan and document a merger or acquisition project, it may overlook crucial aspects amid the hectic activities. One important factor is reusability. In today’s business world, many companies’ growth strategy focuses on acquisitions. Therefore, you may encounter several such SAP HR projects. During your first project, identify the project deliverables that you can reuse during your next acquisition. This approach not only reduces the costs and effort, but allows you to apply previous knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth transition. Reusability applies to other important areas of mergers and acquisitions, including testing, problem resolution, and change management.

If you want your merger or acquisition to go smoothly, you need to focus on four areas that relate to SAP HR. The four key topics that I’ll discuss are testing, change management, issue resolution, and reusability of knowledge and experience (Figure 1).

The testing aspect of your project requires specific scenarios for the type of project you’re working on. I’ll provide some examples later. Change management is another key factor to the success of any ERP project. While some projects may succeed without full-time change management resources, a merger or acquisition project requires them. In addition, you must work to quickly resolve problems during your project to maintain credibility.

If your company plans to grow through mergers and acquisitions, do all in your power to reuse the configuration, documentation, and overall knowledge from your first project. This allows you to perform subsequent projects with less effort and money. Now, I’ll cover each of the four subjects in Figure 1 in detail. I’ll begin with testing.

Satish Badgi

Satish Badgi has been helping clients implement SAP ERP HCM and payroll for more than 15 years. He has been involved with large full-scale SAP ERP HCM and payroll implementations using the breadth and depth of SAP modules. Satish works for a large management and systems integration consulting firm and handles global payroll for clients. He has published two books on SAP payroll, Configuring US Benefits with SAP and Practical SAP US Payroll.

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