Perform What-If Scenarios in Org Management Using Alternate Plan Versions

  • by A.J. Whalen, SAP Marketing Director, Velocity Technology Solutions
  • March 15, 2005
You can use your Organizational Management (OM) functionality to create alternate scenarios such as a new organizational hierarchy without affecting your active plan version.
Key Concept
Organizational planning processes sometimes require the creation of what-if scenarios to determine the impact on existing structures and processes before the actual changes are made in a productive environment. You can use alternate plan versions to build what-if scenarios and compare and contrast them against other plan versions. All you need is Organizational Management (OM) and integration between Personnel Administration (PA) and Personnel Development (PD).

The management and planning of complex organizational changes, including restructuring, acquisition, and consolidation, can often be aided by creating what-if scenarios in SAP Organizational Management (OM). What-if scenarios allow you to see the impact of structural realignments, reporting relationship changes, and new naming conventions before the changes are implemented in your production system.

Whether they consist of changes to existing organizational hierarchies or are completely new structures unrelated to your current production organizational objects, what-if scenarios in R/3 are configured in “alternate” OM plan versions. Alternate plan versions are OM dimensions other than your active production plan version that allow you to build your own virtual organizational sandbox. In an alternate plan version, you can build, rearrange, and delimit objects in real time without harming or altering the active plan version in your production client. You can discard changes made in alternate plan versions once the what-if scenario is complete or copied back to the production system, eliminating the need for duplicate entry if the what-if scenario changes are satisfactory.

A.J. Whalen

A.J. Whalen has successfully combined more than two decades of global business expertise with in-depth experience in the strategic development, management, and delivery of large-scale projects and education for SAP ERP HCM. Prior to his current role as SAP Marketing Director at Velocity Technology Solutions, he served as lead consultant for several global SAP implementations and engagements as well as an SAP Conference Producer for Wellesley Information Services. A.J. has been invited to speak at nine annual SAP educational events and holds an MBA degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

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