Performance Management Templates Prepopulate Fields and Perform Check Routines with BAdIs

  • by Jens Richter, Consultant, iProCon
  • Sven Ringling, Executive Director, iProCon Human Capital Management
  • April 15, 2008
Discover how to use two of the most important Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) in SAP HCM Performance Management. One BAdI calculates default values for fields and the other BAdI performs custom check routines and generates messages, helping the user avoid mistakes.
Key Concept

Performance templates in any two organizations rarely look the same because of the many ways you can design the performance management process. While SAP provides some out-of-the-box calculation rules, the ability to program a custom calculation in a Business Add-In (BAdI) is an important feature. The same benefit remains true for check routines. Quite often, you need to observe limits or avoid certain combinations of objectives that your company doesn’t allow. A BAdI can fulfill this requirement when normal configuration is insufficient.

Two of the most popular Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) in SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Performance Management (PM) are HRHAP00_VAL_DET, which calculates default values for fields, and HRHAP00_DOC_BC, which allows you to perform check routines and generate messages to avoid common mistakes by users. For each of the BAdIs, we’ll:

  • Show the specific design and situations in which you can use them
  • Demonstrate how to include implementations in a performance template
  • Show SAP out-of-the-box implementations
  • Provide a coding example
  • Discuss some issues and surprises
For an overview about SAP HCM PM BAdIs refer to part 1 of this series, “Leverage BAdIs to Customize SAP HCM Performance Management,” by Sven Ringling and Jens Richter.

Jens Richter

Jens Richter is consultant for SAP HCM at iProCon where he has worked on several projects in Performance Management for clients in various industries.

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Sven Ringling

Sven Ringling is executive director at iProCon ( and iProCon Human Capital Management ( He started working as an SAP HCM consultant in 1996 and also works in strategic HR and change management. He is one of the authors of the books Mastering HR Management with SAP and HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP.

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