Reduce HR Admin Costs with Automatic Carry Forward Absence Quotas Using Time Types

  • by Srinivas Krishna Mandgi, Business & IT Consultant, Freelancer
  • January 13, 2011
Learn how to configure SAP ERP HCM Time Management and write personnel calculation rules and time schemas to automatically create a separate carry forward absence quota infotype (2006). The absence quota infotype allows you to carry forward absence quota balances every year without making any additional configuration changes or maintaining the date specifications infotype (0041), drastically reducing HR administration and maintenance costs.
Key Concept
Time types are semantic groupings of time spans that store time balance or time durations, which are formed in time evaluation. Time types transfer these durations to other time types or to absence or attendance quotas on time evaluation.

Many organizations have implemented SAP ERP HCM Time Management to oversee the leave entitlements of their employees. These leave entitlements for each employee are maintained as absence quotas in the absence quota infotype 2006 and stored in the HR master data. Leaves that consume these entitlements are maintained as absences stored in absences infotype 2001, also stored in the HR master data. Every leave application of an employee (through absences stored in infotype 2001) reduces the absence quotas (infotype 2006) available for consumption.

At the end of the calendar year, many employees have unused leave entitlements called year-end leave balances that need to the transferred and made available for consumption next year. This article explains a simple step-by-step configuration for transfer of unconsumed permissible leave entitlement balances to the new calendar year using time types which are used to store and transfer these leave balances. These balances are stored in separate absence quotas commonly known as carry forward absence quotas.

In my scenario, you already have implemented SAP ERP HCM with the Time Management module. You have a test employee (personnel number 40001) with annual leave (quota type 05) and carry forward leave (quota type 07) entitlements. This employee has these two quotas in the calendar year 2009 to be carried forward to the next year 2010. If you do not have these absence quotas, you need to create both types in the SAP IMG using transaction SPRO or by following menu path SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > Time Management > Time Recording & Administration > Managing Time Accounts using Attendance/Absence Quotas > Time Quota Types > Define Absence Quota Types.

You then create absence quota records in infotype 2006 for annual leave quota or both the annual leave and carry forward absence quotas.

Srinivas Krishna Mandgi

Srinivas Mandgi has more than 10 years of experience with SAP systems including extensive SAP program, project management with hands-on implementation, support, data migration, and upgrade experience in fertilizers, media, shipping, manufacturing, oil and gas, and banking verticals. He worked extensively on Time Management projects (using time evaluation with negative and positive time) for organizations such as NorthGate Arinso, Qatar Petroleum, and Siemens. He is a corporate trainer certified in SAP HCM, PMP, and ITIL V3 and pursuing Executive Management from IIM Bangalore.

Special note from Srinivas: “This article is in tribute to the memory of my father, the late Krishna Mandgi, whom I lost this year. He had a vision way ahead of his times and taught me to be bold, different, and think out of the box.”

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