SAP ERP HCM vs. SuccessFactors Employee Central: A Comparison of Common HR Activities

  • by Imran Sajid, Senior Education Consultant, SAP
  • January 12, 2016
Learn about the standard process for many common HR activities and how they differ in SAP ERP HCM versus SuccessFactors. This article directly compares both systems and the manner in which the exact same activity is performed, and how they differ.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article, you will understand:

  • How to create a new position in SAP ERP HCM vs. SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • How to hire an employee in SAP ERP HCM vs. SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • How to update employee data in SAP ERP HCM vs. SuccessFactors Employee Central
Key Concept
Business processes for creating new positions, hiring employees, and updating employee data in are handled by Employee Central in a SuccessFactors system and by the Organizational Management and Personnel Administration modules in an SAP ERP HCM on-premise system.

The same business processes are performed in SAP ERP HCM on-premise systems and SuccessFactors Employee Central. Here, I show the different ways to execute these identical processes in the two different systems, SAP ERP HCM on-premise versus SuccessFactors Employee Central. I take a look at three common HR activities—creating a new position, hiring an employee, and updating employee data—and show how they are handled in the two systems. I also review the details of performing those activities, and provide a comparison of the two systems.

To understand this article, readers should be familiar with either SAP ERP HCM or SuccessFactors Employee Central—ideally, with both. To learn more, you can take the SAP class for Employee Central, THR81 SuccessFactors Employee Central Academy, which covers the functionality in detail. For on-premise SAP ERP HCM beginners, a good place to start is WNAHR1 Core Business Processes in HCM.

For more information about these or any other SAP classes, visit the SAP training website at:

For more information about Employee Central, see the following HR Expert articles:

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Imran Sajid

Imran Sajid is a Senior Education Consultant at SAP based in the Atlanta, GA, area. At SAP, he focuses on teaching classes in the HCM area within both SAP and SuccessFactors. Previously, Imran was a consultant who implemented and provided post-go-live support for more than a dozen different client systems spanning many industries, including manufacturing, automotive, retail, information systems, the public sector, and energy. He is the author of the book entitled, The Payroll Control Center for SAP ERP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors, as well as a frequent contributor to SAP Experts, where he has published almost a dozen articles. Imran is also frequent blogger on SAP Community Network (SCN). He graduated from the Georgia State University Robinson College of Business with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Imran can be found on Twitter @ImranSajidSAP.

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