SAP HR Audit Reports: Capture Changes to Your HR Data

  • by Srini Munagavalasa, PMP, Principal Business Integration
  • Sunanda Devireddy, Principal Business Analyst
  • March 28, 2012
Discover how to enable HR auditing in your SAP system using these step-by-step instructions as your guide. Also learn the simple configuration steps to take to track and report changes in your HR data.
Key Concept

SAP table views V_T585A, V_T585B, V_T585C, and T77CDOC_CUST enable you to capture infotype audit logs in SAP Personnel Administration (personal data and organizational data). Your HR and compliance departments can monitor changes using SAP standard report RPUAUD00 (logged changes in infotype data) to display personal data and report RHCDOC_DISPLAY (display change documents) to display organizational data.

Audit functionality in the SAP ERP HCM system is configurable, flexible, and easy to use. I show you how to enable audit tracking in Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), and reports. You are able to report on who changed what, when, and where. This article outlines two types of audit logs, how to enable capturing changes to your HR master data, how to display and delete audit logs, best practices for setting up change documents, and finally, things to keep in mind while configuring and executing audit reports.

HR data by nature is extremely sensitive and needs to be tracked and protected. Government regulations, statutory requirements, and company policies all determine how to track and protect this sensitive data. I show how you can enable capturing changes to your company’s sensitive HR data, and how you can track the changes, report them, and modify who can access or make changes to HR data.

Using step-by-step instructions, I explore how you can audit your HR master data. I also show you how to take advantage of the enhanced auditing functionality available in your SAP system by using a few configuration steps and standard SAP reports.

Here are seven points to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Why you need HR audit logs and change logs in your SAP system
  2. The different types of logs and what they’re used for
  3. Enable capturing changes to your HR master data 
  4. Display changes made to HR master data using standard SAP ERP HCM reports
  5. Delete logged changes (any undesired changes logged into the system) in infotype data
  6. Enable to capturing changes to your OM data
  7. Tips to consider during configuration and execution of the report

Srini Munagavalasa

Srinivasa (Srini) Munagavalasa has 14 years of experience in various SAP modules. Srini has worked on multiple SAP global implementations at major clients. He has experience as a project manager, deployment lead, build manager, and technical development manager.

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Sunanda Devireddy

Sunanda Devireddy has more than 10 years of SAP experience in the SAP HR Payroll, Time Management, Compensation, and ESS/MSS functional areas. Sunanda worked on multiple global implementations at Micron Technologies and Walt Disney Company. Sunanda joined her current company four years ago and works as a principal business analyst in the SAP team.

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