SAP Manager's Desktop: Make Your Line Managers’ Day-to-Day Work More Efficient: Part 1

  • by Sven Ringling, Executive Director, iProCon Human Capital Management
  • October 15, 2005
Manager’s Desktop provides your line managers with tools and reports. You can implement it with little effort on the technical side, and in contrast to Manager Self-Service (MSS), it doesn’t require SAP Enterprise Portal.
Key Concept

The biggest difference between Manager’s Desktop and Manager Self-Service (MSS) is that MSS’s user interface (UI) is more user friendly. The Web-based design allows for an intuitive UI and it is possible to have more than one application on the screen at one time. You can easily integrate more applications into Manager's Desktop than MSS, however. Virtually any HR application in R/3 or in the ECC (plus others such as BW) can be integrated into the Manager's Desktop, many within a few minutes (e.g., every HR report based on employee master data).

Given its useful functionality and relatively low cost, SAP Manager’s Desktop is surprisingly often neglected, perhaps because its documentation is meager and sometimes irritating. Many companies don’t want to use it because its technology and its look and feel are considered old-fashioned. That’s certainly true.

However, as long as a portal-based Manager Self-Service (MSS) is not available, the Manager’s Desktop is still a fine alternative. Like MSS, Manager’s Desktop allows managers to access employees, positions, organizational units, and cost centers for which they are responsible via a single point of entry. The fact that it doesn’t use the latest Web technology often results in lower costs and fewer problems. You may find that it could pay off to use Manager’s Desktop as an interim solution until SAP Enterprise Portal and MSS are available in your organization.

I will explain the basic concepts and structure of Manager’s Desktop and describe a straightforward implementation from scratch. The second part of this series deals with advanced configuration and special tips and tricks.

Sven Ringling

Sven Ringling is executive director at iProCon ( and iProCon Human Capital Management ( He started working as an SAP HCM consultant in 1996 and also works in strategic HR and change management. He is one of the authors of the books Mastering HR Management with SAP and HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP.

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