Save Time for Your Payroll Department by Enhancing Your Process Model

  • by Steve Bogner, Managing Partner, Insight Consulting Partners
  • January 15, 2005
You can automate your payroll process model so that it releases and posts accounting documents to FI/CO. This saves a step for your payroll department and ensures completeness and consistency.
Key Concept


The HR Process Workbench, transaction PUST, is used to automate program execution for the payroll process. Using process models, it runs the specified programs, evaluates return codes, and determines what to do next — run the next program or wait for user intervention. Customers can configure process models to suit their specific needs using the process model editor, transaction PEST.

Five of the steps in the payroll process are for creating and posting the results to FI/CO. Figure 1 shows the part of a customized process model that creates results for posting to FI/CO. The stops for posting payroll to FI/CO are numbered.

Steve Bogner

Steve Bogner is a managing partner at Insight Consulting Partners and has been working with SAP HR since 1993. He has consulted for various public, private, domestic, and global companies on their SAP HR/Payroll implementations; presented at the SAP user's group ASUG; and been featured on the Sky Radio Network program regarding SAP HR.

Steve will be presenting at the upcoming HR Payroll Seminar November 7-8 in Chicago and November 27-28 in Orlando. For information on the event, click here.

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7/17/2013 2:54:52 PM
Steve Bogner

Hi Subbu -

That does sound like an odd problem. Since you can not reproduce it in a non-productive system it is most likely due to a difference in the supporting workflow system or objects. Try executing the 'Activate Type Linkages for Workflow Events' node in the IMG to make sure that is setup properly, and perhaps work with your basis team to have a detailed look at the workflow subsystem. Note any differences you find between production and the development or QA environments. Good luck!
7/17/2013 2:22:27 PM
Subramanian (Subbu)

Hi Steve,

I have seen lot of articles from you on Process model......

I am working for a Global client using process model and its running quite stable......

The only issue we have been facing for sometime is that the posting program scheduled gets automatically triggered multiple times creating multiple steps......even though it gets executed successfully in the end......

Have reached SAP also and since this is not replicating in non-prod system they are not able to assist much.......Looking for your expert suggestions.......


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