Selecting Suitable Delegates for Critical Staff in SAP ERP HCM

  • by Guruprasad Dasarathan, Senior Business Analyst – SAP HR, Qatar Petroleum
  • July 19, 2016
Learn how to embed standard SAP ERP HCM master data, such as requirements, restrictions, work centers, tasks, and profile-matchup results, in your SAP ERP HCM Delegation Application. Using an example of safety and trainee workers, learn how to enhance your Delegation Application to determine the most appropriate delegate when personnel who are considered to be critical or essential go on leave or are absent for training or on business, to temporarily replace them.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn how to:

  • Use SAP ERP HCM object modeling to select suitable delegates in your custom Delegation Application
  • Link restrictions, work centers, positions, tasks, and requirements to create a meaningful, logical, competency-based work group
  • Use such competency-based work groups to meet business requirements, such as the delegation process
  • Design your SAP ERP HCM Delegation Application to suit varying business requirements (for example, with and without requiring approvals)
  • Enhance standard function modules used in the Profile Matchup tool to consider only essential qualifications
Key Concept

Some examples of staff who are deemed critical are health, safety, and environment experts, or medical staff whose physical availability at the workplace is mandated by law (such as by Occupational Safety & Health Administration [OSHA] in the US). When such critical staffs are away from the workplace on leave, out for training, or on a business trip, they are expected to delegate their responsibilities to other, similarly qualified staff members. In most cases, this peer staff must possess the same valid licenses, certifications, qualifications, and training that the main critical staff members hold in order to handle these specialized responsibilities.

Oftentimes, businesses have a need to train personnel off-site or send them out of town on business. When these personnel are considered essential workers, the temporary need to replace them arises. In this article, using as my examples safety experts and radiation technician trainee workers, I show to create an SAP ERP HCM-compatible delegate solution for this purpose. All you need to accomplish this is a standard SAP ERP HCM implementation, and not any other functionality.

I explain how to bring together similarly qualified safety experts from different plants into a single work center, where the work center has explicit restrictions and tasks with requirements to ensure that only skilled, certified, and qualified staff can assume positions and responsibilities as mandated by law or by the company. I also show how to use SAP ERP HCM features such as Profile Matchup, Qualifications, and Requirements to determine if the delegated staff is fit to carry out these specialized responsibilities. Figure 1 shows a work center that has restrictions and tasks. The tasks also have requirements, which is common in these types of scenarios.

Figure 1
An example of a work center with restrictions, tasks, and requirements

Guruprasad Dasarathan

Guruprasad Dasarathan is an SAP ERP HCM Functional Consultant. He has 26 years of experience in HR Functional and 15 years of SAP ERP HCM consulting and system support experience. He has designed several SAP ERP HCM solutions around ABAP, BSP, Web Dynpro, Workflow, and Process Integration technologies, and architects his solutions around SAP standard building blocks and framework. Guruprasad currently works as a Senior Business Analyst – SAP HR, for Qatar Petroleum.

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