Seven Tips to Customize Your Authorization Management Settings

  • by Maria Nikolova, SAP Senior Expert, National Electricity Company
  • October 15, 2004
You can manage user authorizations and profiles in your SAP systems more efficiently with these seven tips on changing settings for the Profile Generator.
Key Concept
Activity groups are data containers for the Profile Generator to generate authorization profiles. Generally an activity group (or role, since Release 4.6C) represents a job role (e.g., HR manager, payroll expert, chief accountant, etc.). Activity groups are assigned to users to provide the necessary access rights.

Every HR administrator who supports the SAP authorization concept is familiar with the Profile Generator (transaction PFCG) that aids in managing user authorizations and profiles in SAP systems. Using this standard SAP tool, you can more effectively configure job roles for users throughout the whole enterprise. Generally, the Profile Generator is in charge of retrieving all the required authorization objects for the selected transactions that are for users to pass the authorization checks.

I’m going to give you tips to help you control the PFCG settings. Let’s start with the place in the system where you can change these settings. You use special definitions in table PRGN_CUST, which contains customizing settings for the Profile Generator. You maintain this using transaction SM30 — maintain table views (Figure 1). You can execute the same command via transaction SM30_PRGN_CUST. From a security point of view, you only need the authorizations S_TABU_DIS, DICBERCLS = SS and ACTVT = 03 to display the PRGN_CUST table, and ACTVT = 02 to change the PRGN_CUST table.

Maria Nikolova

Maria Nikolova has worked as a senior SAP expert for the National Electricity Company (NEK) in Bulgaria since January 1999. Maria has a master’s degree in telecommunications as an engineer from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has experience with an MIS project implementation of SAP R/3 (headquarters and rollout), the authorization concept and user administration, SAP Customer Competence Center (SAP CCC) , SRM, and the SD, HR, CO, Asset Management (AM), MM, and PM modules. Prior to joining NEK, she worked as a manager of Equipment Engineering Ltd. for four years.

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