Share Organizational Management Data Between SAP Systems Using Transport

  • by Debanjan Chattopadhyay, Senior SAP HR Manager and Solution Architect, Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • June 2, 2011
Learn how to transfer organizational management objects, along with their attributes and relationships, from one SAP system to another using the standard SAP transport system.
Key Concept
An organizational plan is created with different organizational objects linked with each other by the relationships infotype. An organizational object consists of the required object infotype and other infotypes to specify the attributes of the object. At the completion of the final organizational plan in an SAP development instance, it may be required by the company to move the entire organizational structure to the test and production environment. There also may be a need to transfer the changes to organizational objects to different SAP systems. Sometimes other non-HR SAP modules residing in a different SAP system need the SAP organizational structure mainly for approval requirements using SAP Business workflow. If the decision is to create or maintain the SAP ERP HCM organizational plan in only one SAP system, you can leverage the HCM organizational data sharing between different SAP systems using the SAP transport mechanism.

There are three ways of transporting organizational management (OM) objects between SAP ERP systems, including:

  1. Automatic transport
  2. Manual transport without object lock
  3. Manual transport using object lock

You can set up these transport connections by following IMG path Personnel Management > Organizational Management > Transport > Set Up Transport Connection, or by using transaction code OOCR. The transport switch TRSP CORR is set in the table T77S0 as a result of the configuration shown in Figure 1. The following three values are possible:

  • Blank: Automatic transport connection
  • X: Manual transport without object lock (no automatic transport)
  • T: Manual transport using object lock (no automatic transport)

Figure 1
Transport settings

Let’s look in more detail at these three values.

Debanjan Chattopadhyay

Debanjan Chattopadhyay specializes in SAP HCM (Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Compensation, Payroll, ESS, and MSS). He has worked on multiple SAP HR/Payroll projects comprising full-cycle implementations, upgrades, post-implementation support, and outsourcing engagements since 1997. He currently works as a senior SAP HR manager and solution architect for Citrix Systems.

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