Simplify OM Maintenance with the Organization and Staffing Mode

  • by A.J. Whalen, SAP Marketing Director, Velocity Technology Solutions
  • March 15, 2004
Organizational Management (OM) is an important part of SAP HR because of its organizational charts, planning data, and key role in module integration. In the first of a two-part series on viewing and maintaining OM structures in R/3 HR, the author describes the Organization and Staffing mode of maintenance. Its graphical nature makes it easy for users to visualize their changes and to see the results of actions prior to saving them.

The following is the first of a two-part series on viewing and maintaining Organizational Management (OM) on structures in SAP HR. This month’s article covers the Organization and Staffing mode of maintenance, while the second part details maintaining structures and objects in the Expert mode.

For many SAP HR customers, OM is not just a source of organizational charts and planning data; it is also the backbone of integration among modules, such as that between HR and FI. The integrity and timeliness of the organizational data stored and displayed in OM is critical to the success of initiatives both in and out of the HR arena. At the very core of the OM maintenance process is the decision of how to best and most efficiently maintain the objects and structures.

Historically, OM maintenance has been viewed as a necessary evil by even the most successful organizations. As a result, the understanding of the creation and upkeep of objects and structures has been confined to a few members of each team.

More recently, however, SAP customers have begun placing an increased importance on both the entry and maintenance of OM data. As a best practice, many companies are modifying their formal organizational planning processes to include SAP OM tools and functionality to develop “what if” scenarios that aid in restructuring and organizational redesign. What used to be an afterthought is becoming business-critical for some and there is added emphasis on getting the most out of the tools available to achieve these goals. To help you understand OM maintenance and planning options available, this article explains the standard Organization and Staffing mode of object and structure maintenance.

A.J. Whalen

A.J. Whalen has successfully combined more than two decades of global business expertise with in-depth experience in the strategic development, management, and delivery of large-scale projects and education for SAP ERP HCM. Prior to his current role as SAP Marketing Director at Velocity Technology Solutions, he served as lead consultant for several global SAP implementations and engagements as well as an SAP Conference Producer for Wellesley Information Services. A.J. has been invited to speak at nine annual SAP educational events and holds an MBA degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

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