Speed Up Payroll Results Analysis and Error Resolution

  • by Greg Newman, HCM Consultant, Newhit Ltd.
  • March 15, 2006
By combining the display variant log with a custom subschema that prints out just the results tables you need, you can investigate and resolve payroll problems more quickly.
Key Concept
When you run payroll, you can use the display variant log within the payroll selection screen to select which parts of the payroll schema you want to display. This allows you to see detailed information without the long processing time of running payroll with the full log on.

Many SAP Payroll users know that you can run the payroll with the payroll display log off to process all employees or run it with the log on for just the employees with issues so you can find out where the problems exist.

However, few users are aware that you can also use the display variant log function in payroll processing to show selected parts of the payroll log for all employees without the long processing time that the full display log creates. The display variant log within payroll allows you to run the payroll for an employee or all employees, only showing the detail of the parts of the schema in which you are particularly interested.

For example, if you are having trouble with Personnel Time Management (PT) for a group of employees or you need to check the loan calculations for all your employees, you can create a view of the payroll display log with only the loan processing subschema shown in detail. You can then process all employees quickly and spot check the detail of the processing as needed.

Because R/3 only builds up the detail for a small part of the schema, it is still able to process the employees quickly, allowing you to run it for larger groups of employees and still have the detail of the schema to review. This display variant log becomes even more useful if you set up your own subschema to show just the information that you need often (e.g., the pay results table, the cumulated results table, and the WPBP table) and then use the custom display log variant to show only that.

Combining the display variant log and a custom subschema is a great way to introduce your payroll team members to the payroll schema. By giving them a quickly accessible subschema, you can build up their knowledge of the schema and soon you will have them clicking merrily away within the schema — allowing them to identify more issues more quickly!

First I will show you how to set up the display variant for the payroll log and then I’ll show you how to set up a custom subschema to print out just the payroll results you need most often for payroll analysis. I assume that users have a reasonable level of familiarity with payroll schemas and schema processing. I’ve tested this technique with R/3 4.6.

Greg Newman

Greg Newman is originally from New Zealand, and has been implementing and supporting HR and Payroll systems since 1999. He has worked on numerous SAP HR and Payroll implementations for Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and several other international rollouts. Currently Greg is a managing consultant working for Newhit HR and Payroll Solutions in England.

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