Streamline Your Company Awards in SAP Payroll

  • by Raghavendran Parthasarathy, Principal Consultant, Hexaware Technologies
  • October 15, 2008
See how to maintain, monitor, process, and report on monetary and non-monetary awards in one infotype.
Key Concept

Infotype 0183 allows you to track both monetary and non-monetary awards in one place. This makes it possible to combine both types of awards in one report.

If you have not implemented the Compensation Management module in SAP R/3 and SAP ERP, you can still keep track of organizational awards to your employees and process them through SAP Payroll. In a typical scenario, you can implement a few configuration steps to achieve reporting, tracking, and processing of organizational awards.

It is ideal to store both monetary and non-monetary awards in infotype 0183 (awards) because when you generate a report, all information pertaining to awards is available in one place. I have noticed that the availability of this infotype in a standard system is not well known in many countries.


An organization has different types of awards for employees, including monetary and non-monetary:

  • Monetary awards are a fixed amount — for example, $1,000 for 15 years of service and $2,000 for 20 years of service
  • Non-monetary awards could be a certification of recognition, for example

You can achieve the first requirement by creating the required wage types in infotype 0015 (additional payments). However, you cannot include both monetary and non-monetary awards as a separate streamline in this infotype. This is only possible in the awards infotype 0183. In the following configuration steps I use infotype 0183, which meets both award scenarios. I’ll show you how to configure the monetary and non-monetary awards in standard SAP Payroll by following these steps:

Step 1. Extend infotype 0183 to the required country grouping to allow use of this new infotype for employee master data

Step 2. Create required wage types for infotype 0183 awards

Step 3. Create required award types to keep track of different award types within the organization

Step 4. Extend the wage type entry permissibility for infotype 0015 to allow the newly created wage type storage in infotype 0015

Step 5. Review wage type posting characteristics for Payroll

Step 6. Include award wage types on the payslip

Step 7. Include the awards infotype in the required InfoSets for ad hoc reporting

Step 8. Create a separate ad hoc query with awards for ad hoc reporting

Step 9. Test the entire scenario

Step 10. Generate an ad hoc report for awards

Raghavendran Parthasarathy

Raghavendran Parthasarathy works for Hexaware Technologies as a Principal Consultant,where he manages SAP solution design for customers across the globe. He has worked in SAP ERP HCM for over 14 years in various capacities, including payroll projects in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. In addition to payroll, Raghavendran has experience in negative time management, personnel administration, and recruitment. He has also been a part of portal implementations. Currently, he is involved with cloud-based HCM applications such as SAP SuccessFactors and Workday.

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