Tips for Getting the Most Out of Transaction Code PPOME

  • by Dilek Adak, SAP HCM Applications Manager, Vektora Turkey
  • January 26, 2016
Gain a detailed explanation of transaction code PPOME, its layout, and the functionalities behind buttons, icons, and menu items. All the information that can be accessed using this transaction is introduced, along with exact access points. Learn how to customize the look and feel of transaction code PPOME based on your company’s needs.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • The layout details of transaction code PPOME and the information to be presented in each panel/subpart of its screen
  • The secrets behind the functionalities of the buttons/icons and menu items in transaction code PPOME
  • How to alter the look and feel of transaction code PPOME based on your company’s needs
Key Concept
Structural Graphics is an SAP ERP HCM Organizational Management application tool that you can use to display and edit structures and objects in an organizational plan. The most notable advantage of this tool is that it lets the user view objects and structures and perform a variety of maintenance activities for the objects in a graphical format.

Transaction code PPOME is an integral part of the SAP ERP HCM Organizational Management (OM) component. I explain, in detail, all about the different sections of the screen, and its buttons, menu options, and layout, along with the functionalities and hidden features associated with each. Learning more about this transaction code and its functions helps users get the maximum performance from the system on the way to managing their organizational structure. By using transaction code PPOME effectively, users achieve a faster and more effective OM process.

An Introduction to Transaction Code PPOME

An organizational plan is the functional structure of an enterprise, and is based on departments, positions, employees, and many other object types. In order to carry out business processes effectively, an organizational plan should be maintained within SAP ERP HCM system as a best practice.

Structural Graphics is a tool within the SAP ERP HCM OM application that is used to display and edit the organizational plan in a hierarchical manner. This tool’s advantage is that it gives users the option to maintain the organizational structure simply by using drag-and-drop functionality, and shows changes immediately in the display, graphically. Several transaction codes provide access to the Structural Graphics tool, including:

  • PPOME – Change Organization and Staffing
  • PPOSE – Display Organization and Staffing
  • PPOCE – Create Organization and Staffing
  • PPST – Structure Display/Maintenance

Transaction code PPOME is by far the most favored interface for accessing structural graphics—it is the heart of the OM component. In addition to presenting all the functionality on a single screen, the customizability of this transaction’s functions is a big plus.

Before delving into the details of transaction code PPOME, however, the concept of a hierarchy framework deserves some clarification.

Dilek Adak

Dilek Adak has her MBA and is a computer engineer working as an SAP HCM Applications Manager for Vektora, Turkey. She has over 12 years of consultancy experience in SAP HCM, SuccessFactors, and SAP Analytics applications. Dilek is a frequent speaker at various international events on SAP HCM topics.

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