Tips for Implementing Basic Management of Global Employees in SAP ERP HCM

  • by Mark S. Jackson, HCM Senior Manager, Accenture
  • May 14, 2010
Global projects or companies with an expatriate population that plan on activating the Management of Global Employees module should pay special attention to the extra level of effort needed regarding process changes, configuration, and customizations. Management of Global Employees allows global implementations to have a separate record per country assignment related to a global ID (person ID). This is very useful to companies with employees on country reassignments or expatriate assignments.
Key Concept
The Management of Global Employees module is similar to the Concurrent Employment (CE) module in that it allows the user to assign multiple records to an employee (via the Person ID). However, you can activate Management of Global Employees without fully setting the system up for the CE module. The CE module is used when an employee has more than one personnel assignment within the same country concurrently. For example, the CE module is commonly used for employees occupying two different positions within the same country simultaneously. Management of Global Employees follows a similar framework. It is used when an employee has more than one assignment in different countries concurrently (home and host records). Management of Global Employees also provides the ability to create offer letters for global assignments, manage the relocation process, manage compensation packages, and set up a global payroll.

Many global implementations require the ability to allow employees in the SAP ERP HCM system to go on an expatriate assignment or on a permanent country reassignment. In this situation, implementing the Management of Global Employees module may be an advantage, but there are certain factors to consider regarding configuration, payroll/time processing, and HR processes.

I will cover the personnel administration implementation considerations and typical configuration involved when activating Management of Global Employees without the need for the Concurrent Employment (CE) module. I will not cover the additional details related to the full CE module (multiple active records in one country)

When implementing Management of Global Employees, several new personnel administration (PA) infotypes are activated, along with use of the person ID (global ID) and specific personnel actions. Management of Global Employees is a flavor of the CE module in SAP ERP HCM in that it allows multiple records to be associated with an individual. With Management of Global Employees turned on, an expatriate employee has two records under one person ID (Figure 1). The person ID concept is related to the module and is the global ID of the employee that relates to all of the assignments (set up hiring action of the employee). Many companies set the person ID to be equal to the original personnel number of the employee.

Mark S. Jackson

Mark Jackson has been working with SAP ERP HCM for more than 12 years and specializes in SuccessFactors Employee Central and the SAP ERP HCM Personnel Administration and Organizational Management modules. He has had numerous experiences with implementing and leading SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors globally and is a subject-matter expert in defining global templates for SAP/SuccessFactors implementations.

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